iFixit shows us the inside of the Apple Watch Series 7 and reveals a larger battery with more capacity

This was one of those iFixit explorations expected by many of us And it is that seeing the inside of the Apple Watch is always impressive for the details, the increasingly spectacular way of fitting sensors and plates inside such a small device.

That said, we have to say that the new Apple Watch Series 7 do not add new sensors this year, although it is true that they have completely changed the screen and the diagnostic port is eliminated, this is key according to iFixit to justify the delay in shipments of this new model of Apple smart watch.

Apple is now using a 60Ghz wireless interface to connect watches and perform diagnostics, something that also happens with the iPhone 13 and that is possibly the reason why we only see one flexible cable on the screen instead of the two that the Series 6 has.

Higher capacity battery in Apple Watch Series 7

The news inside the Apple Watch are interesting and it is that in the official Apple data they did not indicate that the new Series 7 add more battery capacity. Well, once the watch is opened by the iFixit team, it shows that this is not the case.

The 41mm Apple Watch Series 7 uses a 1,094 Wh battery, 6.8 percent larger than the 40mm Apple Watch Series 6. The 44mm Apple Watch Series 6 also has slightly less capacity than the 45mm Apple Watch (309 mAh) which adds a 1.6 percent larger battery.. The problem is the higher consumption of the screen that actually makes both watches have the same real autonomy …

Apple Watch Series 7 iFixit

On the other hand and to summarize a bit the score of 6 out of 10 on repair issues for this new Apple Watch Series 7 it’s pretty good. This is because the screen and the battery are according to iFixit relatively easy to change in case of problems.

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