In Colombia, they rescue a woman who was locked up for 25 years for “evil spirits”

A 46-year-old woman was rescued by authorities in the Chicoral district, in Colombia, after staying locked for 25 years in a room without contact with anyone and in a condition of total abandonment.

The policeman went to the home where the woman was locked up after the complaint presented by neighbors, who informed local media and the authorities about the deplorable state of both Health like the one the victim lived in.

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Authorities indicated that the woman was found in a cold room with bars on the windows; had several blows to the body and grime crusts stuck to your skin. Also suffered malnutrition due to the poor diet he had, since he hardly received food.

Locked up by “evil spirits”

The woman, whose identity, was in a room inside a house where he lived with his parents and other relatives, who argued that it must be separated from humans.

The family argued that the woman was locked during all this time because in his adolescence he would have been “possessed by evil spirits that tied his life. They detailed to the authorities that the victim had also been the target of curses and witchcraft.

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Policemen helped the woman and the bathed, they put clothes on her so they could take her to the Hospital of Espinal where he would receive the necessary medical attention.

Given what happened, the Prosecutor’s office initiated an investigation and process for abandonment and domestic violence, so they did not rule out indicating legal proceedings against some of the relatives.


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