Intel decides to update the name of its processors after almost two decades

A few months ago it was announced that Intel was killing the Celeron and Pentium families. It seems that this process of change has not finished and reaches other ranges of chips, specifically those of the desktop range. Intel will end after 15 years of the name Core iwhich will be modified in the next family of chips.

It was 17 years ago when Intel introduced the name Core, specifically with the arrival of multicore processors. Two years later the designations i3, i5 and i7 were introduced. These denominations have continued to the present and from the company, they believe that it is time to update them.

Name change in Intel processors

It’s not a brutal name change, it’s just a cosmetic and minor tweak. He reason of this name change is a stranger, They have not explained anything about it.

Bernard Fernandes, Director of Global Communications for Intel has confirmed the change. Simply, he has said that “since our customers’ products are at an inflection point, we decided to make further adjustments to our brand strategy to prepare for the next Meteor Lake processor.”

This means that the change will come from the 14th Generation of Core processors. You lose the designation “Core i”that happens to be baptized as “CoreUltra”.

Intel core processor range

The first data arrived a few days ago in the Ashes of the Singularity DX12 benchmark. The benchmark reflects a Intel Core Ultra 5 1003H processorfor which we had no data.

It supposes to restart completely the saga of processors, as we can see. When the name Core i is withdrawn, they will no longer be called 14xxx, but with the name Core Ultra the countdown with Meteor Lake begins again.

It is possible that this change supposeIn the first instance, confusion among users. Note that the name Core if it was more exclusive to Intel and easily recognizable. “Ultra” has been a name used a lot by Apple, Samsung and other companies in the sector.

We will also see changes in the numbering, as seen in the Ashes of the Singularity test. An Ultra 5 1003H appears, instead of a 1500H (for example), which would follow the current numbering. What apparently wouldn’t change is the letter reference, being H for laptops.

intel ultra 5 1003h processor

Other Planned Changes at Meteor Lake

There is no information for the new processors from Intel, we only have a subset of rumors. These, of course, can be real or they can be wrong. The only thing confirmed, at this time, is the name change of the new processors.

Something that apparently will change is the manufacturing process and the design of the chips. The Intel 4 process will be used and a set of efficiency cores will be used in 3D design. On the other hand, a part of the processor would be manufactured by TSMC in the 5nm process. We do not know if they will be the power cores or the silicon on which the rest of the processor elements are assembled.

It seems that Meteor Lake will bring architecture and naming changes. It is possible that, after the summer, the company will have more data on the change in the name of its chips.

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