Is Windows 12 ready? Everything we know about the new operating system

The truth is that this latest operating system from the software giant has as many detractors as followers. With everything and with it, at this moment Microsoft is already working on what will be the next big project in this software sector. Specifically, we are referring to what could initially be called Windows 12 and which is also known as Next Valley.

Despite the fact that many experts in the firm’s projects have been talking about this new operating system for months, at the moment little is known about it. It is true that from time to time certain rumors related to this software come to the fore, although nothing official or definitive. Therefore, the only thing left for us is to compile the news that we currently know will come to the new operating system and wait for official statements from its developer.

News that will arrive with the launch of Windows 12

In fact, along these same lines we are going to talk about some of these innovations that are expected in the new Windows 12 and that many surely want to see.

Taskbar improvements: One of the most criticized Windows 11 interface elements has been the taskbar. Right now Microsoft is trying to correct this error and it is expected that in Windows 12 it will improve significantly. We would find a floating bar similar to the one found in Apple’s operating system for desktop computers. The icons of this would be located in the upper right part, and in the central part we would have the search engine.

We will have a fragmented operating system: This is something that Microsoft has already tried to carry out in previous projects without much success. Therefore, it intends that Windows 12 be a fragmented system in order to be able to manage and control each of its parts individually and more effectively.

Greater compatibility with Android devices: the software giant has been trying to improve the use of Windows together with our Android mobile for a long time. Hence, it has already launched different applications and platforms to interact with both elements in the best possible way and simultaneously. To a large extent, this is achieved thanks to the Your Phone application, which will receive significant improvements in the new version of the operating system.

AI would come to Windows 12: We have verified that in recent months the platforms focused on Artificial Intelligence have grown significantly. That is why Microsoft wants this technology to be an important part of its new operating system.

Your distribution will be lighter: Surely you have already seen first hand that Microsoft is trying by all means to get us to upgrade from Windows 10 to 11. However, with the new operating system it wants to be more permissive. Thus, it will be the users themselves who decide when they want to migrate their computers.

With everything and with this we still have time to begin to glimpse the first editions, even if they are test, of this new system. Estimates indicate that its official launch will take place at the end of next year 2024.

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