Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud: Total Protection

Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud is a cloud-based security solution It offers total protection against the main threats, including from the most classic malware to the most advanced ransomware and intrusion attempts. This comprehensive protection makes it one of the best solutions in its category, something that has been confirmed by AV-TEST testing.

AV-TEST ran a test round of Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud in three different scenarios using 113 different samples, and not only did not lose a single user file, but also managed to clearly overcome to 10 other cybersecurity solution providers.

Let’s dig into those tests to better understand the value they present. AV-TEST examined 11 endpoint protection platforms, and it did, as we have said, in three different scenarios: real-world ransomware attacks on user files stored on a local system, real-world ransomware attacks on user files located on a remote shared folder, and a proof of concept of ransomware attacks on user files on a local system.

During testing, each of these products was expected to detect files and ransomware activity, and thereby proceed to block it, roll back any changes to user files, and remove the threat from the target system. The test included 21 ransomware families, including some as well known as REvil, Ryuk, Conti, Lockbit, pysa, Ragnarlocker, Ransomexx and others, as well as 14 PoCs.

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As we can see in the attached graph, Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud blocked all attacks in all three test scenarios, without any user files being encrypted, and it managed to remove all threats from the system. Thanks to this excellent result, it obtained the highest protection index of all the products tested, which demonstrates its outstanding value for companies against this type of attack.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud was able to protect company data from an attack on an employee’s desktop, as well as shared folders from an attack by existing ransomware families, and also offered full protection against samples specially designed for the proof. The latter included various actual encryption techniques used that are used by cybercriminals. With all this in mind, it is easy to understand why Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud is one of the best solutions of its kind.

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