Man is shot by The Squid Game; this is what he did

Since last December 2019, the world was paralyzed after the arrival of Covid-19, and under this panorama in which the confinement at home was the only option to avoid getting the deadly virus, the entertainment reached homes through streaming platforms such as Netflix.

That is why month after month, the consumption has increased on this streaming content platform, considered one of the most successful globally, so the platform accelerated the pace to launch its most ambitious projects, and one of them was the series “The Squid Game.”

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“The Squid Game”, one of the most successful in Netflix history

It was on September 17, 2021 that the series “The Squid Game” premiered, same which according to data revealed by Netflix’s SEO, is outlined as the production most viewed in history of this platform.

After the success of “The Squid Game” on Netflix, the dramas they have completely called the attention of the world, this because South Korea is establishing itself as one of the favorites when it comes to creating successful productions.

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It is under this panorama full of fury environment to the South Korean production that now a new controversy has caused global outrage, this because a man was executed in North Korea for getting involved with “The Squid Game.”

They shoot a man in North Korea, this is what he did

It has generated indignation internationally the fact that a young man was sentenced to death in North Korea, this because he decided to download in a USB the successful South Korean series “The Squid Game.”

Because the series that was created by Hwang Dong-hyu is a production from a foreign country, North Korea is prohibited from population any type of reproduction of these contents, this because it is considered a “threat”, as we remember that North Korea is led by an authoritarian and communist regime.

According to what was reported by Radio Free Asia (RFA), dozens of do you copy of the Netflix series they entered the Asian country illegally; Nevertheless, early North Korean government censors detected that a group of students was illegally watching the series, so the young man who began distributing the series was arrested And to give an example of punishment in the nation, he was shot due to the “Law on the Elimination of Thought and Culture” that governs North Korea.


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