Meet the AVM FRITZ! Box 4060 router with tri-band WiFi 6 and 2.5G port

This router supports FRITZ! Mesh, this means that we can configure a complete high-performance WiFi Mesh network, where we will have at our disposal both WiFi roaming to move from one node to another, as well as band-steering so that the router places us in one frequency band or another, depending on different aspects such as WiFi coverage received by the client, compatibility, number of clients connected in the different bands, etc.

Other characteristics of the WiFi part is that it supports both WPA2-Personal and WPA3-PersonalTherefore, we will have the best possible security in our wireless network. We also have a WiFi network for guests with different advanced options, WiFi programmer, and the possibility of configuring in detail the SSID, access password, WiFi channels to broadcast on the different bands and WiFi MAC filtering, among other options.

Wired and USB 3.0 Features

This router has One 2.5G Multigigabit port for Internet WANAlthough this port can also be configured as LAN port 4. Depending on the configuration we make in the router, we can use it as a WAN or as a LAN. Of course, we have a total of 3 dedicated Gigabit Ethernet ports for LANThis will allow us to connect several computers via cable and make the most of our Internet connection.

The FRITZ! Box 4060 has one high-performance USB 3.0 portThanks to the FRITZ! OS firmware, we will be able to use the Samba server, FTP server, FTPES and even the DLNA media server to make the most of their functions. Something that we would also like to indicate is that we can install a 3G / 4G modem so that this is the Internet WAN, depending on the modem we introduce, we will have support or not. In RedesZone we have already verified that the performance of this USB 3.0 port is excellent, exceeding 100MB / s without problems in reading and writing, which is ideal for sharing large files.

Other features

The FRITZ! Box has a built-in telephone systemIn this case, we do not have a physical analog port to connect the telephones, but we do have a DECT base that will allow us to connect up to 6 telephones wirelessly, whether they are FRITZ! Fon cordless telephones or if they are other telephones that use the DECT technology. We would also like to indicate that the configuration options for the telephony part are exactly the same as always, we have the same options and possibilities, including the answering machine, fax, call forwarding and the rest of the usual functions.

The FRITZ! OS operating system has a specific section for Smart Home devices manufacturer. In this case we will be able to register different smart plugs such as the FRITZ! DECT 200 or the FRITZ! DECT 210, as well as the DECT coverage repeater to expand the range easily and quickly. Thanks to this functionality, we will not need to connect the home automation devices to the WiFi network, but they will go directly to the DECT base, so we will have a much wider range.

FRITZ! OS operating system

The FRITZ! OS operating system on this router is just as complete as ever, although we have some changes in the WAN part of the Internet. In the firmware, we will have the possibility of using this router as the main router or as a WiFi access point with USB functions, telephony and more, that is, the router functions will be carried out by the operator, and the rest of the functions will be carried out by the FRITZ ! Box. In the configuration menu we can choose between different operating modes, however, this router is compatible with any FTTH operator since it supports VLANs in the WAN.

We must also bear in mind that this FRITZ! OS operating system will allow us to change the WAN port to the LANIf we are going to use the router in combination with that of the operator, we will have to configure the WAN port as LAN, so as not to lose one of the ports and turn it into LAN 4. The configuration to be carried out is really simple, since we can do it from the «Network» section.

Once we have seen the main features of this new AVM FRITZ! Box 4060 router, let’s go to unboxing and first impressions of the router.

Unboxing and first impressions

In RedesZone we already have this router with us AVM FRITZ! Box 4060, a very interesting device for home users who want to achieve the best wireless performance via WiFi and wired. Thanks to the three WiFi frequency bands and the combination with the FRITZ! Repeater 6000 WiFi repeater, we will be able to form a high-performance WiFi Mesh network in our home, because we can dedicate a WiFi frequency band specifically for the interconnection of the nodes and all trunk traffic on the network.

The incorporation of one 2.5G Multigigabit port for Internet WAN or LAN, will allow us not to have the limitation of 1Gbps, ideal for two things:

  • If we have an Internet connection greater than 1Gbps speed, we can connect this router to our operator’s Multigigabit ports, to squeeze the maximum bandwidth.
  • If we are going to use a very powerful repeater like the FRITZ! Repeater 6000, we can interconnect them via 2.5G Multigigabit so as not to have the bottleneck of the Gigabit Ethernet network that we have.

In the following video you can see what this new AVM FRITZ! Box 4060 router looks like and also its main features and all the content in the product box.

Soon we are going to offer you a complete analysis of this router where you can see in detail its technical specifications, the real performance that this router is capable of providing and all the configuration options of its firmware.

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