Microsoft will force the installation of Moments 3 in Windows 11

As you know, Microsoft has changed its operating system update model. With Windows 11, it is using the so-called Moments, which are actually a reissue and renaming of the historic Service Packs, which were so effective at the time of the long-awaited Windows XP (not surprisingly, this version of Windows peaked with the arrival of Service Pack 3). Personally, since they announced this change in philosophy, I found it to be excellent news for Windows 11 users.

With this model, The previous one has just been buried, of two large annual updates, which caused so many headaches, in years past, for Windows 10 users. And also Microsoft, of course, which had to make its developer teams focus on solving problems, instead of working on future improvements to The operating system. The Momentos-Service Packs model provides much more flexibility, allows new functions to be deployed when they are ready and, although it does not completely eliminate failures, it can substantially reduce their footprint.

However, and for obvious reasons, users have developed over time a certain fear of updates, have whatever format and name. In fact, from MuyComputer we have the premise of always recommending that you allow at least a few days to pass from when an update is published, in order to make sure that there are no problems, at least important ones, in it. This applies to Windows 11, but also to other operating systems and applications, with the sole exception of security updates.

Microsoft will force the installation of Moments 3 in Windows 11

Technological companies, however, prefer that users update sooner rather than later and, consequently, after a reasonable period of time, they begin to adopt measures to “push” the user to apply them to their system. The last example of this can be found in WindowsLatest, and it is that Microsoft will begin to force the installation of Moments 3 features in Windows 11. To this end, as we can read, it will include them in the patch tuedsay next July.

As you may have already guessed, the main difference is that the installation of Moments 3 must be carried out specifically by the user, while the Windows 11 monthly security update is applied automatically. Therefore, with this change, and if what is indicated by this means is confirmed, certain elements of the third Moments will also be installed along with the security updates of Windows 11. In addition, elements of Moments 3 will also be included in this month’s optional updateso there are several doors through which these new features can reach Windows 11 22H2 installations that have not yet installed this service pack.

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