Strange’s mug in the Spider-Man trailer? Yes, it can be purchased

The Doctor Strange Mug

It is normal that you are not even aware of its existence. And there are so many details in the new trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home that probably the last thing that would have occurred to you is to look at the mug one of his characters is holding. But the truth is that this is Marvel and here any element that appears on the scene can be susceptible to being analyzed or even an object of desire.

Like for example the mug that Doctor Strange is holding in the trailer. You have to leave at minute 1:21, when Peter parker arrives at the Sanctum Sanctorum, the home of the Stephen, to find the avenger dressed in a particular sweatshirt, a down jacket and his unmistakable cape. Already in itself the image of the superhero is at least striking with such clothing, but there is still one more detail to mention: a nice cup, in his right hand, with which he seems to be drinking a hot drink to counteract the inexplicable cold that has frosted the inside of your case:

On the mug you can see a picture of a little fox and the words «Oh for (fox) sake»-The word« fox », which means fox in English, would be replaced by the image of the aforementioned animal. It is a well-known colloquial English expression that softens the original phrase (“oh, for fuck sake”) and whose translation would be something like Oh, for the love of god!

Oh for fox sake at Amazon

Do you like the cup and do you see yourself having breakfast with it? Well, you know that it is not as difficult to achieve as you think. It turns out that we have found the mug in Amazon Spain, where you can buy it and have it in your hands in a matter of a few days.

Doctor Strange Mug

From ceramics And with a capacity of 325 ml – it would therefore be somewhat larger than a standard mug – you can purchase this nice piece at the link that you will find below for a price of 18.57 euros.

What are you waiting to get hold of it?

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