MIUI exceeds 600 million active users worldwide

MIUI exceeds 600 million active users worldwide. MIUI, yes, the customization layer that Xiaomi and its subsidiaries apply to practically all their Android smartphones. A not inconsiderable milestone and one that shows, more than the clientele’s taste for MIUI, since they have no choice whatsoever, the reach of the Chinese brand in the global telephone market.

In any case, it is not convenient to confuse the implementation of MIUI at a global level, with the mobile devices sold by the company. And who says Xiaomi, says Redmi or POCO, of course, since all three are exponents of MIUI in all its splendor… even if it is one of the Android interface modifications most criticized for its propensity for failures.

In this regard it should be noted that MIUI is not just a launcher for Android, but a deeper layer of customization that goes into different sections of the system, very much in the style of Apple and its iPhone visually. And although it is true that traditionally it has sinned of being a little green in relation to its stability and options, the most recent versions have improved a lot.

Its latest version is MIUI 14 and there are many terminals that are receiving it these days and that they will be able to verify that, in effect and like MIUI 13 in its farewell stage, both stability and optimization have improved considerably. Options is another matter, but it’s not one of the more feature-sparing Android customizations either.

As for its peak, according to what is said, if the jump from 400 to 500 million users took just ten months, it has taken a little more, a year and a half to be exact, which comes to mean the obvious: the The mobile phone market, especially that of the entry and medium series, where Xiaomi and its minions shine the most, is increasingly at odds.

However, the company does not give up and these days presents news in its three branchesfrom the premium with the Xiaomi 13 and its attempt to storm the skies of the smartphone world with some of the most powerful models that can be found in stores, such as in the medium series with the new POCO F5 or, with a little more time behind him, the Redmi Note 12.

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