More news today: Elon Musk and his Zune, free Windows 11 and program updates

Elon Musk wants a Zune

Although the most famous MP3 player has always been and will be the iPod, Microsoft also tried to participate in this market by launching its own player: Zune. These players never achieved the success the company hoped for, and its music subscription service Zune Music Pass failed to catch on with users either. All of this led to Microsoft completely discontinuing this product in 2007 to focus on other fronts.

Although the player never got to work, there are those who consider it one of the best products of the company. To the point that, although it has been more than 13 years since its end of support, and it has almost fallen into oblivion, some users ask Microsoft to recover this player. And one of them is Elon Musk himself.

In the Windows 11 announcement, Musk wrote directly to Nadella (Microsoft CEO) asking her to bring the Zune back to life. Trolleo? Real interest? Who knows.

Windows 11 can’t run Windows 11?

Microsoft has bundled it with the requirements to be able to install Windows 11. And not because they are too high requirements (that any computer from more than 4 or 5 years ago meets without a doubt), but because even they are not clear about what it is. which is needed in order to run the new OS. Such is the confusion that even the wizard itself to check if our PC can run Windows 11 tells us that it is not compatible with our computer… despite already running the company’s new system.

We hope that Microsoft will finish updating the necessary requirements to be able to use its new OS and this confusion will end.

Windows 11 is “free”

Microsoft announced that its new operating system, Windows 11, was going to be free for all users. What he did not tell us was the fine print, and that is, in order to use it, we are going to have to buy another new computer.

Windows 11 free new PC

Obviously it is not true, it is one more joke about the excessive requirements that Microsoft’s new operating system demands in order to function. But, of course, one more photo that we can add to the list of funny memes about Windows 11.

Update your programs

The developers have also been working on their own programs, releasing new versions of their programs in order to keep growing. These are the most important programs that we must update today to always be up to date:

  • MPC-BE 1.5.8: Of course, the best fork of Media Player Classic. This free and open source media player has nothing to envy of VLC. It is a very light, fast and complete player. With it we will be able to open all kinds of videos, and have functions that are not available in other browsers. This version updates all its components and improves some of the functions of the player itself. We can download it from here.
  • HiBit Uninstaller 2.6.10: a complete program to uninstall programs that you can install on your PC. Thanks to it, we will be able to erase any software installed on the computer, eliminating all the trace that may remain on our computer. This release focuses on improving efficiency and fixing bugs for better detection. We can download this version from your website.
  • BleachBit 4.4.0: this is, of course, the best alternative to CCleaner that we can find. An open source program, totally free without any limitation to clean and optimize our computer. This new version focuses on fixing bugs, improving junk file detection, and increasing program compatibility. We can download the new version from this link.
  • ESET– The popular antivirus has also received an update. No details have been provided on what changes, although it is focused on correcting errors and optimizing the engine.
  • fre: ac 1.1.5The famous MP3 converter receives a major update adding support for AccurateRip verification, as well as improving many of the internal functions of the program. All the codecs of the program have also been updated to their latest versions and a good number of bugs have been fixed. We can download it from here.

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