Movistar Plus + eliminates Fusion: it could allow you to hire football even if you are not a client

This morning we informed you that Movistar Plus+ was going to buy the rights to LaLiga from DAZN to offer all the matches on each day. And now, we have just learned of another big piece of news: you will most likely be able to watch football on Movistar Plus+ even if you are not a customer.

Or this is what emerges from the information published by El Economista and in which it indicates that Telefónica is preparing a total renewal of its Movistar Fusión offer, which will even disappear as a brand after ten years of operation.

Telefónica’s objective is to offer a new marketing model for its services and products, proposing a total turn of the rudder to adapt to current times and manage to stop the bleeding of customers.

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Telefónica continues to lose customers and wants to change things

Telefónica’s results for the third quarter of the year indicate that Movistar customers decreased 3% in year-on-year terms, with a loss of 43,000 subscribers in that period. Instead, Fusion Companies’ clients have grown. But the operator does not get the bills.

And for this reason they are committed to a change of brand to create a new marketing model for their products and services, including some high-end surprises, beyond the Fusion removal.

Telefónica’s idea is to create, on the one hand, a series of vertical packages that have little to do with connectivity, offering services that “They will be open to all customers, whether or not they are from Movistar,” as sources familiar with the situation inform El Economista. And everything indicates that football will have a great role.

Until now, Fusión was born as a model that brought together in the same billing service the converging services of fixed telephony, mobile, Internet and pay television. The rest of the operators followed suit by offering their own convergent offers. And now, Telefónica believes that its business model must be changed.

Renew or die: Movistar Plus + could offer football to customers outside the platform


for now, Telefónica is waiting for the approval of the CNMV, including the telecom replicability test to avoid new monopoly problems. Once this test is passed, they will work on the possible commercialization of individualized television events, which could translate into the possibility of contracting football without being a Movistar client. Through Movistar + Lite?

On the other hand, Movistar wants to unify its different products to be able to contract packages that include alarms, health, insurance and much more. «LThe company already has more than 100,000 alarm customer households, in alliance with Prosegur” indicate in the newspaper, which makes it clear that it is a service on the rise.

At the moment we will have to wait until Telefónica decides on the matter, but this 180-degree change makes all the sense in the world. The current football situation is nonsense, where you have to tie yourself to an operator for years (or bet on DAZN as the only alternative) if you want to watch LaLiga matches. And many of us remember Yomvi, the on-demand content service that would even allow you to pay to watch a LaLiga match. Perfect if you’re not too much of a football fan and you’re interested in watching those high profile games.

As we have said, we will have to wait and see what the blue operator surprises us with through its new packages and services, but what is clear is that the telecommunications sector seems to be abuzz, with rumors of a merger of Vodafone with another operator, and now the news that Telefónica will eliminate Fusión to look for new business models.

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