MSI MPG A1000G, a source for gamers most in need of power

MSI MPG A1000G is the latest addition to the Taiwanese manufacturer’s power supply catalog. Designed for «further refine MSI’s gaming ecosystem» , offers everything you can ask for from a component that ends up being key in the operation of a PC.

A power supply is a fundamental pillar in the architecture of any computer as it is responsible for the energy supply of the whole set. As we have been seeing in our product guides, at the time of purchase we must not only make sure that it has sufficient power in voltage and amperage. You also have to assess its stability in power delivery, its efficiency, the quality of its internal components or its construction and design that includes the form factor, its modularity and wiring management.


MSI’s latest model offers everything we’d ask for in a high-end power supply. The manufacturer targets it for its gaming ecosystem which includes other components under the same ‘MPG’ brand like the VELOX 100P AIRFLOW tower and the Z690 CARBON motherboard, but obviously it can be used with any other manufacturer’s hardware.


It offers a maximum power of 1,000 wattsenough for any enthusiast-grade PC, gaming or professional workstation. It is 80 Plus Gold certified, which guarantees 89% energy efficiency. Use Japanese capacitors and capacitors, the best on the market.

With dimensions of 150mm x 150mm x 86mm, the MSI MPG A1000G is somewhat smaller than typical power supplies within the same ATX segment. This makes installation easier and leaves more room in the chassis for cable management or necessary airflow.

MSI MPG A1000G, a source for gamers most in need of power 31

It has a special operating mode «0% RPM». Activates when TDP is below 40% and completely stops fan rotation speed to reduce system noise and power consumption.

Regarding cable management, it is carried out without problems due to its fully modular design that allows the use of the necessary number of connectors. This significantly reduces cable clutter and simplifies overall system build.

MSI MPG A1000G, a source for gamers most in need of power 33

No sale price has been provided, but this MSI MPG A1000G looks very good, a competent, efficient source for many years of use.

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