Nectios reaches 250,000 euros in sales in 2021

nerds has closed 2021 with more than remarkable results, which include some sales of 250,000 euros and a portfolio of 100 clients. The evolution of recent months, with exponential growth and a clear consolidation of online events between companies and organizations, makes the company foresee a 2022 with even better figures: nerds expects to close next year tripling customers and doubling billing.

The startup led by Xavier Creus, its CEO and co-founder, locates its good results in a brand change (previously called Copernic), the launch of a new version of the platform (more dynamic, intuitive, simple and complete) and the trend of turning corporate intranets into communities virtual. “There are many business associations and entities that have taken this step, such as ETSEIB Alumni or the Consortium Free Zone”Creus explains.

From the virtual community to the metaverse

Initiating international expansion is the next challenge for nerds, which already has its first client abroad, the Medellin Chamber of Commerce. “Expanding and establishing ourselves in other markets is essential to standardize the concept of virtual community. It should be internalized as much as it has been done with the smartphone and the most everyday technologies, because we believe that the virtual community is the natural step towards the metaverse”.

The international leap nerds It will allow you to multiply the number of clients by three to reach 300, and for this it plans to expand the workforce to 100 employees. According to Creus, “This will allow us to optimize our sales processes, customer service, marketing, product development, etc.”

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energize communities

To maintain its growth nerds prepares new services and functionalities. The most important goes through the revitalization of virtual communities. Thus, companies, organizations and entities that have a community on the platform will be able to access a revitalization service. That is to say, nerds will handle the internal community management. Another novelty for the next academic year is the production of corporate videos, which will allow members of nerds have more content for their communities and virtual events.

Networking 3.0 of nerds

Founded three years ago nerds is a platform for the creation of communities and virtual events of which more than 20,000 companies and more than 1,000 institutions in the economic and business field are currently part. Between all of them they add more than 50,000 users. It allows turning an event into a permanent online community, with more than 50 applications for network and virtual rooms for fairs, congresses, round tables, talks… Its tag system allows virtual communities to offer and search for services and solutions, connecting them with each other.

In nerds you can find virtual communities of the chambers of commerce of Spain, Barcelona, ​​Reus and Manresa; the city councils of Barcelona and Terrassa; Barcelona Activa, the UPIC (Union of polygons Industrials of Catalonia), the SOC (served d’Occupation of Catalonia) and the High Performance Center for entrepreneurs and corporate innovation Orion Universal. Clusters have a special role in nerds.

Among the 32 that are active stand out Secartys (with five cluster), Railgroup, ClusterMoto, Cluster from the sport (INDESCAT), Cluster from Hello Mental and Cluster of Fashion (MODACC). Nowadays, nerds is working on an average of 10 monthly events.

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