Netflix, HBO Max, Filmin, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video: the spectacular premieres for the weekend that you cannot miss

A new weekend arrives in which we can rest, dedicate some time to our hobbies and, of course, sit down to watch a movie or series quietly and, although on weekdays we turn on the television at dinner time to continue with some chapter of the series that we are watching at that time, we do not live it the same as on the weekend, when everything is more leisurely and we can enjoy our free time much more. That is why the streaming platforms They release some interesting premieres every weekend. Netflix, HBO Max, Filmin, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video They have some interesting news to enjoy the weekend of movies and popcorn.

So, one more Friday, we tell you the news of these platforms from January 21 to 23. Do not miss it if you want to know which are the best premieres!

Premieres on Netflix

This weekend, unlike previous weeks, Netflix surprises us with a long list of premieres, some of them very interesting.

‘Munich on the eve of a war’

Based on the work of Robert Harris, the film ‘Munich: on the eve of war, a film that transports us to the German city in 1938, at a very tense moment between the diplomatic relations of Germany and the United Kingdom, an atmosphere that war is coming.

It is directed by Christian Schwochow and tells how Adolf Hitler prepares to invade Czechoslovakia. At that time, the government of Neville Chamberlain desperately seeks a peaceful solution. In such a tense atmosphere, British civil servant Hugh Legat and German diplomat Paul von Hartmann go to Munich for an emergency conference. As negotiations begin, these two old friends find themselves embroiled in a web of political subterfuge and very real danger. As the world watches, can war be avoided? And, if so, at what price?

Release date: January 21

Other premieres:

  • ‘Amandla’ (Friday)
  • ‘Fifty million and a woman’ (Saturday)
  • ‘Connecting Room’ (Saturday)
  • ‘Cry, the Beloved Country’ (Saturday)
  • ‘The Quadrilateral’ (Saturday)
  • ‘Diên Bien Phú’ (Saturday)
  • ‘Doctor Petiot’ (Saturday)
  • ‘Silver Giants’ (Saturday)
  • ‘The Heart of the Matter’ (Saturday)
  • ‘Story of young wives’ (Saturday)
  • ‘I Am a Dancer’ (Saturday)
  • ‘The Long Arm’ (Saturday)
  • ‘Odette’ (Saturday)
  • ‘Chase’ (Saturday)
  • ‘Honour’ (Saturday)
  • ‘The Return of Bulldog Drummond’ (Saturday)
  • ‘Romance of Seville’ (Saturday)
  • ‘The Siege of Pingchut’ (Saturday)
  • ‘Silent Invasion’ (Saturday)
  • ‘Sparrows can’t sing’ (Saturday)
  • ‘Summer Season’ (Friday)
  • ‘That Girl Lay Lay’ (Friday)
  • ‘Royal Treatment’ (Thursday)
  • ‘Twice Around the Daffodils’ (Saturday)
  • ‘Unearthly Stranger’ (Saturday)
  • ‘What a girl’ (Saturday)
  • ‘My father’s violin’ (Friday)

hbo max

Although we will not see such a large number of premieres on the HBO platform, we do have some interesting premieres that we recommend taking a look at.

‘lost fagot’

lost fagotis inspired by the life of Bob Pop, a town boy in search of his own identity from the 80s to the year 2000. The protagonist will go from the incomprehension of his parents, to his first love and sexual flings until his arrival in Madrid . We will be able to see three of the stages of the life of the protagonist, from the 80s when he is an overweight teenager and a fan of musicals. Then the period of discovery when he was a student in Madrid and finally in the present, where he is already a writer.

Release date: January 21

Other premieres:

  • ‘DC Superhero Girls’ Season 2 (Sunday)
  • ‘Sam & Cat’ S2 (Friday)

Amazon Prime Video

‘As We See It’

From the hand of Jason Katims, comes to Amazon Prime Video this series about Jack, Harrison and Violeta, three roommates in their twenties who are on the autism spectrum as they navigate a world that avoids them. A very interesting series to raise awareness that is now available.

Premiere: January 21

Other premieres:

  • ‘Ice Road’ (Friday)
  • ‘Personal Assistant’ (Friday)


This weekend, Disney + leaves us with some interesting releases although, without a doubt, the Marvel saga is precisely what is most successful on the platform.

‘Lucy in the Sky’

Although it is not a new movie, it is very interesting, hence Disney + has decided to launch it on the platform. In this film we can see how Lucy Cola, played by Natalie Portman, is an astronaut who returns to Earth after a transcendental experience during a mission in outer space. Lucy begins to lose her connection to reality in a world that is too small for her. Undoubtedly a very interesting bet to enjoy the weekend.

Release date: January 21

Other premieres:

  • ‘Here and Now’ (Friday)
  • ‘Birdman’ (Friday)
  • ‘Liquid Bomb Plot. Nat Geo’ (Friday)
  • ‘Losing the North’ (Friday)


In Filmin, like every week, we will live some premieres that are not wasted. In addition, it coincides with the premiere of ‘Ice Road‘ along with Amazon Prime Video, so whatever platform you have, it’s a very good option to spend the weekend at home, especially now that the cold has engulfed the entire country.

  • ‘A Friendship Forever’ (Friday)
  • ‘Benedetta’ (Friday)
  • ‘Biarritz Surf Gang’ (Friday)
  • ‘Meeting Gorbachev’ (Friday)
  • ‘Cut!’ (Friday)
  • ‘Hap and Leonard’ (Friday)
  • ‘Ice Road’ (Friday)
  • ‘Young Diego’ (Friday)
  • ‘Lazos’ (Friday)
  • ‘Libya: hell with no way out’ (Friday)
  • ‘Lizzie’ (Friday)
  • ‘My dear San Juan street’ (Friday)
  • ‘Mice and Foxes: A Friendship from Another World’ (Friday)
  • ‘No Escape’ (Friday)
these are the best releases for the weekend, a few days in which we take the opportunity to do the laundry, try the odd recipe and, of course, enjoy the series and movies that are released on the different streaming platforms such as Netflix, HBO Max, Disney +, Amazon Prime Video and Film. Remember that, if none of these releases convince you, you have a wide catalog on all platforms. ‘The Paper House’, ‘File 81’, ‘Eternals’ or ‘Return to Hogwarts’ are good options to spend these days off.

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