New WhatsApp for macOS now available in the Mac App Store

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Surely if we mention WhatsApp you know perfectly well what we are talking about. That instant messaging application that we can no longer get rid of and although it is not one of the best on the market, it is one of the most used. WhatsApp is a regular on the iPhone and is rarely used on the Mac because it is not very functional. I mean that the functions they have are not the same as on the phone and the user knows that. But now, with the new existing version, we can forget about the phone when we are working with the Mac. A new full version of WhatsApp arrives.

Until now the existing WhatsApp application on the Mac was not native. That is, it depended on the iPhone to be able to run. This meant a series of inconveniences that were evident to the naked eye. We had an application that was not very operational and did not have the same functions as on the phone, so many times it did not run and many users preferred to continue using the iPhone. But that seems to be over.

Since yesterday, the 6th, we have a new version of the application available in the Mac App Store fully functional and without dependence on the iPhone. This is at least what Meta announced through Twitter in a brief message but clear enough for all users.

The Mac app has been merged with the iPhone app in the App Store, so now It is a universal application with a single download link. Testing with the new version of WhatsApp for macOS began in July of last year. While the previous version is essentially a web app built with Electron, the new app is based on the iPhone version and has been ported to Catalyst-powered macOS. So, thanks to this, WhatsApp on the Mac now works faster and has the same functions available as on the iPhone. For example, group audio and video calls can be made.

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