Not all are the same, what type of PC keyboard should you buy?

All keyboards are used for the same thing, to write text on the screen or for applications to execute certain commands by pressing one or more keys at the same time. However, the market is full of different sizes and different configurations in the number of keys. Some models are more compact than others, but if we look at all of the same type they usually share common elements. doWhat are the existing types of keyboard and their differences between them?

The oldest input peripheral in PCs is the keyboard, not in vain, the first models evolved from the so-called TV Typewriters or typewriters for TV. So called because they were brainless devices that wrote on a television screen. Over time they have evolved to adapt to changes and the appearance of different types of computers and user needs. In this article we are not going to talk about the different types of existing keys, nor the differences between a mechanical one and one with membrane keys. If not rather about size, layout and number of keys.

What types of PC keyboard can we find in stores?

Choosing the type of keyboard is not an easy task, especially due to the fact that the vast majority of us have become accustomed to working with a specific type and we may miss keys that are on one that we used to use. We also can’t forget the problem of muscle memory that allows us to type fast without looking or the need to perform certain commands in the middle of an application. So let’s see how each one differs.

The types of keyboard that sacrifice keys usually include them within other existing ones, but their function is removed by combining the Fn key with its corresponding one. So if we need them quickly it is a handicap. Our advice is that you choose the keyboards that have the keys that you normally use directly accessible and individually.

full keyboard

The one of all life, which has all the keys used on a PC, differs from the others by the numeric keyboard integrated to the right of it. Although for that fact it is cumbersome for left-handed people. Luckily, so-called numpads are sold for left-handed people that can be combined with other types of keyboard. Obviously, it is the best known and most used, but at the same time also the largest.

Full Trist GTX 877 keyboard

1800 compact

It is not usually very common, however it is seen more and more. It is nothing more than almost full keyboard but with less separation between the keys. It usually places the block of keys that are usually placed above the arrows such as Del, Insert, Home, etc. Although some of these keys are combined within others.

Compact 1800 keyboard

Ten Key Less or TKL keyboard

Its name is somewhat misleading, since in order to reduce its size, 10 keys have not been eliminated, but 17. Since dispenses with the numeric keypad. It is the second most used type of keyboard and we can make it a complete one with an external numpad. If you are one of those who do without the numeric keypad or are used to using the laptop, then it is the best option.


keyboard 75%

It’s about a Ten Key Less type keyboard with less space between keysit does not have any function other than the one we have mentioned above, but it can be somewhat annoying at first because some adaptation is required by our muscle memory.

keyboard 75%

keyboard 65%

We are before a keyboard variant 75%however, is much more compactGiven the sacrifice function keys and directional arrows in the process. All of them are organized within other keys. There is a variant called 60% which is also quite popular, but not very good for typing. We only recommend it if you don’t have a lot of room for your mouse and a very small desk or table.

Keyboard 65% 60%

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