Other chipmakers join Intel, and prices will go up too

A few days ago it was made public that Intel was preparing to raise its prices from the fourth quarter of this year, mainly due to the increase in costs that it had to bear, both in components and in salaries and other labor expenses. Added to this are the difficulties due to the supply crisis, and the problems caused by the successive confinements in some regions of Asia, particularly in China.

In view of Intel’s decision, it remained to be seen what the rest of the manufacturers were going to do. And it seems that the doubts begin to clear. More manufacturers have made the same decision. Qualcomm Y Marvell Technologies have started informing their customers that they will raise their pricesaccording to Digitimes.

For now it is unknown how much they are going to raise it, but according to some sources the increases could reach up to 20% depending on each type of product. TSMC is another of the manufacturers that has begun to notify its customers of upcoming price increases, although it has not yet been specified.

Meanwhile, other manufacturers, such as AMD, are silent on this matter. However, there is not much doubt that in the case of AMD, it is more than likely that it will also raise its prices, since its chips are manufactured by TSMC.

It seems that in all cases detected so far, the increases will affect all ranges of chips. Both low-end and mid-high end.

The processors for servers would be some of the ones that would suffer the most from this increase, with price increases of up to 20%, with all that this means for integrators and equipment providers. Above all, for large-scale cloud providers, and rebound, for the users of these services. There is a good chance that these increases will end up being transferred to those who contract Infrastructure or cloud storage services.

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