Parallels for Mac comes with new features and discounted price

If you did not know, I tell you that we are in the week of Black Friday. Yes, what started as a Friday is now a week, but we already know that even in October there are nougat in stores. I guess the day will come when Christmas and Balck Friday last forever and they have to invent something new. But in the meantime, we are going to take advantage of all the offers that we have already been putting on the Web and the new ones that will arrive. For example this Parallels offering with new features and pricing.

Parallels recently announced its new version of Parallels Toolbox for macOS users. With the 5.1 update, one of the main features is a new CPU temperature tool. According to a blog post, there are two versions of Parallels Toolbox, one for Mac and one for Windows. With version 5.1, each of these operating systems has its own new tools.

For macOS users, Parallels Toolbox adds a new CPU temperature feature:

This tool tells you the temperature of each of the CPU cores in your Mac, and it also lists the fan speeds that are cooling from these cores. Heat is one of the main causes of “wear” in electronics, and at the same time geek that is in me, he likes to know about the temperature of the Mac. It is also interesting to see which applications cause the CPU temperature to rise significantly.

These are all the news of the update:

  • Clipboard history: now we can choose if we want to collect only text, only images or both.
  • Unit converter: additional pair and Russian imperial units.
  • Do not bother: the new time limit option allows you to set how long the tool remains active.
  • Window manager: we can now resize a window to a specific size or move it to a different screen.
  • Break time: support for multiple repeat sessions, 60 minute work intervals, and the ability to specify your work schedule (both in days and hours).
  • File: now we can choose where the resulting files will be saved.
  • Recording area, recording window, recording screen: Optimized compression algorithms so that the output files take up less disk space.

Besides all this. The software comes with a 20% discount thanks to the week of Black Friday. This offer ends on December 1, so you have a week to decide.

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