PC sales will improve in 2024, although they will still be below those of 2019

After the pandemic and the surge in sales that the forced change to teleworking and distance education brought about in 2020 and 2021, the PC sales fell quite sharply worldwide in 2022and the trend continues in 2023. However, it seems that signs are beginning to appear that the market will start a recovery, although there is still something to do for it to start. According to IDC, equipment sales will begin to pick up in 2024.

Thus, next year, PC sales will rise by 3.7% year-on-year, reaching 261.4 million units. Of course, despite this improvement, equipment sales will still be below those registered in 2019. They will, however, be higher than those of 2018, when 259.6 million units were sold.

Despite this improvement, the industry still has to deal with a number of challenges, including concerns about the PC refresh cycle in the consumer market, the postponement of new PC purchases in businesses, and budgets for education, which in many countries are not increasing. As a consequence of this, PC sales in 2023 will drop 13.7% year-on-year, to 252 million units.

The business PC sector, yes, is gaining more and more interest for equipment manufacturers and sellers for various reasons. As for processors, some of the most important changes in the history of the sector are taking place. For example, the fact that in 2022 AMD has reached 11% of the market share and Apple has exceeded 5%.

In addition, the introduction of generative AI has caused an earthquake in companies, since those who have to make investment decisions in them are still not very sure of what is necessary to prioritize in budgets. This while computers prepared to work with AI have not yet arrived. Of course, they will not take long, and they have made a part of this discussion revolve around the purchase of devices in companies.

Another factor that has revolutionized the sector is the fact that hybrid and remote work environments have not disappeared, and as a consequence we see that many companies do listen to what their employees ask for. This includes their PCS needs, what type and brand they want. Also if they need multiple teams for workers who perform their tasks in a hybrid framework.

Ryan Reith, Vice President of Consumer and Mobile Device Tracking at IDChas highlighted that «Currently it is difficult to have a conversation that does not involve AI, and where to invest. Business computers will continue to be interesting for years to come, with technological advances adding an additional element to decision making. But it’s important to remember that Windows 10 end of support arrives in 2025, and this will drive a refresh in businesses, regardless of whether they are waiting for more advanced PCs, or just need an update to a growing base of equipment. years. It is clear that Apple sees an opportunity to continue growing in the enterprise segment, something that will be interesting to watch closely from now on.«.

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