PDF Expert for Mac cuts its price this week by 50%

There are several different PDF editing applications for Mac available today, but it is true that if we take a closer look, there are few programs if not almost none that come close to the potential of PDF Expert created by Readdle. Now the company has lowered the price of its products and the version for Mac 50% its price.

PDF Expert is a very stable fast PDF reading application for Mac. It is capable of opening any PDF file, large or small and it always seems effortless. I use it regularly and I can assure you that in a few seconds it is ready to be used and once we have imported a file, it is soon available to start working on it. One last.

But for me, one of the aspects where this application stands out the most is in searches. Readdle claims that PDF Expert works with some state-of-the-art PDF search features and I am sure it is so because they are very successful and also fast.

It has a lot of other functions, such as the ability to annotate in the PDF. Merge files with just drop and drag. Edit PDF for forms. And of course the ability to sign documents by adding our digital or handwritten signatures that we have previously created and determined.

A good option that we can now get at a 50% discount. So it goes from costing 80 euros to 40 in the license for three Mac computers and starts today the 25th until the 30th. It is certainly an opportunity that you should not miss. If what you are looking for is a program to handle PDF that fits your needs. It is probably the best in its segment. I have always been very happy with the program. From what I see in the comments on the Mac App Store, I am not the only one.

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