Pedro Sanchez announces a PERTE of 11,000 million for semiconductors and microchips

Pedro Sánchez, President of the Governmenthas announced the approval of a PERTE of 11,000 million euros of public investment dedicated exclusively to microchips and semiconductors. The announcement of this strategic project for economic recovery and transformation, according to Europa Press, has been made within the framework of the second edition of Wake Up Spain.

This forum has, in this edition, the motto «Learning, growth and sustainability in a Europe of solidarity», and Sánchez has taken advantage of it to underline that «semiconductors are a basic element in all sectors and acquire global geostrategic importance in a context of digital transformation«, also ensuring that Spain «will not lose the race to the most advanced technology«.

Sánchez, who has described the proposal as ambitious and bold, because it goes in the direction of achieving Europe’s strategic autonomy, has also pointed out that the Government wants Spain to be at the forefront «of industrial and technological progress«, so the announced PERTE is a bet by the government to achieve it.

With its start-up, the executive seeks to attract significant investments related to the semiconductor sector. Also of the new technologies that are related to them, considered key to achieving the aforementioned strategic autonomy.

PERTE is part of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience plan, and with it, the Government has so far launched nine PERTEs considered as strategic: the development of the electric and connected vehicle; the one dedicated to avant-garde health; renewable energies, renewable hydrogen and storage; the agri-food: the New economy of the language; the circular economy: the naval; aerospace: and the digitization of water. The one announced today would be the tenth. In addition, the executive hopes to be able to approve another one in the near future: the PERTE on social economy and care.

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