Phones are ringing in Warzone for Halloween and here’s what to do

Do you remember when Ghostface did he call his victims by phone to warn them of his imminent death? Well that is just what is happening in the event The curse which is being celebrated these weeks for Halloween within Warzone. The situation is quite disturbing, as players fear to pick up the phone if it means the appearance of the dreaded assassin, but in reality, behind all this lies a magnificent reward.

Who’s there?

This is what the name is Curse challenge number 8, one of the 9 challenges available that will allow you to obtain the new Limpet weapon to use in Cold War or Warzone. This challenge invites you to answer 3 of the calls that will sound when you play the mode The Ghosts of VerdaskHowever, the problem will be in finding the phones and agreeing that they are ringing in the game. What if you could know the location of them?

Knowing the exact locations of the telephones, you will be able to complete this challenge in a few minutes, since with the help of a vehicle you will be able to move quickly to each of these locations to find the long-awaited call. When you pick up three calls, you will have completed the challenge, so you will only have the remaining 8 to be able to get the new weapon. Of course, the challenge of the phones will give away at least one very peculiar legend sticker.

Where are the phones?


So that you can more easily find the telephones that are scattered around Verdansk, we are going to leave you with the location of all of them at each point on the map. Thus, you can immediately go to the place and try your luck to see if they are ringing. There are four phones scattered around the map, so in case one does not ring, the rest should work perfectly. The locations are as follows:

At hospital you can find one of those phones. Like other times, he will be at one of the receptions. It will be fairly easy to find if it is ringing.


The tv station you will also have a telephone ready to ring in the main reception room. It has no loss.


In the area of Downtown, the Parliament building will have a telephone ringing in one of the small receptions on the ground floor.


Another phone will be in the airport. Although this area is quite large, you will recognize it as the part of the building that stands out the most on the side that is facing the control tower, right where the luggage conveyor belt is.

Warzone airport

Aspects to consider

You must be very fast when picking up the phone, since the moment a series of tones pass, the phone will stop ringing and you will lose the opportunity to pick it up. To complete the challenge, you will only have to pick up three of the phones that ring, and although it seems easy, the real problem will be in the enemies that you meet along the way.

When you pick up the phone you will hear Ghostface saying a few things to you, but little else. You must keep looking for the rest of the active phones in order to complete the challenge. And be careful not to become a ghost …

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