Pixpay arrives in Spain offering a special payment card for teenagers

Pixpay has just arrived in Spain. The French app has burst onto the market by helping parents teach their children to manage money responsibly and safe. It is a Mastercard for teenagers, which also has an app for them and another for their parents, which can be used anywhere and is managed in real time by adults.

Pixpay is the answer for all parents looking for an easy and secure way to pay your children regularly contribute financially to their projects or encourage proper behavior around money. In this way, each family can personalize and adapt the way they want to support their children in their financial independence.

And, the application offers teenagers different tools to teach them how to manage their money. An example of this is the “safe”, equivalent to a savings account.

“It has been 10 months of work and we finally launched a pioneering product that integrates multiple functions to simplify the lives of adolescents and their parents. Following the success in France, where 100,000 families already use Pixpay, our mission is to support children and young people in financial independence. We offer them an exceptional user experience that finally adapts to their way of life, while offering security and peace of mind to parents », explains Beatriz Arce, Country Launcher in Spain of Pixpay.

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A solution to help young people in managing their finances

According to company data, less than 15% of young people aged 10 to 18 have a payment card, although there are different offers for them in traditional banking. However, the needs of families to have digital payment solutions are already a reality. Teens already make their purchases online and many families are digitized and seek to ensure the safety of their children’s money at all times.

That is why the company creates this solution: a neobank that combines the most reliable banking tools with the best technology, to allow teenagers to pay anywhere, with total security and with the support of their parents.

Ease and total safety for parents and children

Pixpay includes functionalities that guarantee the safety of minors (customizable PIN code, display of the PIN code in the application in case of forgetfulness, virtual card for online purchases or blocking of the card in real time, among others). In addition, parents can recharge the card instantly, since the money is sent from the parents’ app to their children’s app instantly, with a single click to manage contingencies or liquidity increases on your children’s accounts.

And, to meet the strong expectations of families in terms of safety, Pixpay informs parents in real time of all operations and movements through notifications. And it is that the application is designed to guarantee maximum safety to minors. Likewise, the application allows teenagers to create external secure payment links, so that any family member or friend can send them money. In this sense, they can also receive transfers, but not make them.

Applying for a Pixpay card is very easy, the process takes only three minutes, since everything is done online from the website or directly in the Pixpay application. The card is received within five to nine days directly at home. Pixpay is available for 2.99 euros per month per card, without any commitment and without shipping costs for the card, and includes all payments and unlimited withdrawals in the euro zone.

In Spain, more than 20,000 families pre-registered before Pixpay was available in the Spanish market, which shows that there is a need for parents to have a tool for managing their children’s finances.

Available on iOS and on Google Play, the application allows, depending on your identity, to easily co-manage the account, remotely and at any time, from a mobile phone. It can also be linked to Google Pay and Apple Pay.

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