Poor sales of the new Sony PS VR 2, history of an announced failure?

Just a few weeks ago the virtual reality glasses for the PS5 came out and we found that the PS VR 2 sales they are, what could be considered, low. Although it is still early to judge the future of the peripheral-platform, it can be said that the indicators are not something to get excited about. Are we already facing a fiasco or are the news of its failure nothing more than exaggerations?

It is still too early to make a conclusion about whether the PS VR 2 will be a success or a failure commercially, although we are skeptical about the peripheral, not enough time has passed yet for with the data on the table to be able to fully affirm emphatically whether PlayStation’s second attempt at virtual reality is a debacle.

PS VR 2 sales are less than expected?

We have to clarify that officially SONY has not given sales figures for its PS VR 2, the data corresponds to the American agency IDC. At the same time, we must clarify that they have not officially provided forecasts either, no matter how much you read information talking about 1 million or even two million in that sense. That is rather the speculation of a Bloomberg journalist, the same one who invented Nintendo’s non-existent Switch Pro, so we have to take it with a grain of salt.

On the other hand, the information given by IDC is reliable and for the moment have sold 270,000 units worldwide since launch. This translates into a adoption share of less than 1% of total users who own a SONY PS5, but it is that outside of the VR version of Gran Turismo 7 and that of Resident Evil Village, there is no incentive to spend the more than 1,200 euros that the pack of the console and the virtual reality glasses cost. And more, if it is to play titles that are already in the much cheaper Meta Quest 2, such as Pavlov or Beat Saber.

In other words, the content that technically justifies the outlay for a PS VR 2 is not enough for the moment and the platform is doomed to be filled with proposals that do not take advantage of the power of the console or the unique capabilities of the HMD unit. Let’s not forget that hardware is a medium and that it is software that sells systems.

SONY’s big mistake, not taking out his glasses on PC

We will keep saying it until we get tired, PS VR 2 will not be what will make people buy a PS5 and the fact of limiting its use to the console means not knowing how to take advantage of a potential market, that of PC, which it would adopt with the Open arms to the peripheral and it would increase sales of PS VR 2. Especially because of the large catalog of games that has been accumulating all this time on our favorite platform.

We know that they are not sold at a loss, so they do not depend on the royalties from the games for the platform, we can understand that PlayStation wants to keep GT7 on their console, but we do not understand the reason why they do not launch their virtual reality glasses for pc. More than anything due to the fact that they would be welcome and would multiply the sales of the device.

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