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Unveiled at the beginning of last May, the restyling of the Peugeot e-2008 is accompanied by new features in terms of engines and batteries. Better still, it becomes more accessible and attractive by including old options as standard.

Credits: Peugeot

Since 2019, the Peugeot e-2008 has already sold more than 75,000 copies worldwide and, according to Peugeot, it represents more than 17% of orders of this small B-segment SUV. A more than honorable result for this car, since on average, in Europe, sales of new electric cars represent only 12% of the total (source: ACEA). This good result allows him to place himself in the top three in sales in Europe, depending on the brand. The information shared by Peugeot suggests that the trend should continue since access to the e-2008 range, in Active finish, will now be against €40,150 (excluding bonuses), compared to 40,950 euros previously.

peugeot e-2008 official
Credits: Peugeot

Three finishes, two motors, two batteries

The new Peugeot e-2008 range now makes it possible to combine two engine + battery pack pairs with three levels of finish. Concretely, this means that the Active, Allure and GT versions are available with:

  • the new 156 horsepower engine (115 kW) powered by a 54 kWh battery
  • the 136 horsepower engine (100kW) with the 50 kWh battery pack.

This last combination corresponds to the unique offer of the previous version of the e-2008. All versions are eligible for the ecological bonus of €5,000the most expensive of these configurations being invoiced €45,100 (GT, 156 horsepower engine). For the customer, the choice of the 156 horsepower engine requires 1,450 euros more than the 136 horsepower version. With iso-finish, the passage from the least expensive thermal version (petrol, 100 hp in Active finish) to electric will require an additional investment of 13,750 euros. Finally, if the 156 horsepower version can be ordered, it is currently only available from 2024.

115kW motor €41,600 €43,400 €45,100
100kW motor €40,150 €41,950 €43,650

peugeot e-2008 official
Credits: Peugeot

The equipment of the new e-2008

The specific electrical endowment of each of these finishes is quite simple. In addition to hands-free starting, which disappears from the basic version (Active), only the three phase mode 3 charging cable (22 kW), the single-phase on-board charger (7.4 kW as standard, 11 kW optional at 400 euros) and the high console with armrest and electric parking brake are worth noting. The heat pump also becomes optional, against 450 euros.

Active Finish

In Active level, the e-2008 is delivered with an analogue instrument panel, but featuring a 3.5” TFT screen at its center. The central 10-inch screen is available in SD definition. It can be connected to smart phone in Bluetoothis compatible Android Auto and Apple CarPlay and can broadcast DAB radios. Only a USB-C socket is offered on the front console. The audio system includes 6 speakers, the air conditioning is automatic as standard and the parking assistance is only graphic and audible for the rear, without camera. The 16-inch rims are made of sheet metal and covered with a hubcap.

peugeot e-2008 official
Credits: Peugeot

Allure finish

To upgrade to the higher version, Allure, it will cost €1,800 for which the buyer will obtain in addition:

  • an i-Cockpit infotainment system numeric integer of 10 inches
  • a central screen still 10 inches in HD definition
  • additional parking aid forward (but without reversing camera)
  • the driving mode selector (eco, normal, sport)
  • an additional USB-A socket in the rear seats
  • a USB-C port in the front seat.

Besides, the boot floor becomes modularthe rear windows are dark-tinted, the interior mirror becomes electrochromic (meaning it automatically adapts to night conditions) and the roof is adorned with longitudinal bars. The rims go to 17 inches and are offered in alloy.

peugeot e-2008 official
Credits: Peugeot

GT finish

Finally, in GT version (Allure + 1,700 euros), the lights switch to full LED, an HD reversing camera is integrated, the steering wheel is sheathed in full grain leather, the roof is in Black Diamond color, Qi charging is integrated for the smartphone and the Hands-free entry and starting are also standard, as are front and rear floor mats.

The rest of the equipment common to the three finishes includes in particular 6 airbags, cruise control/speed limitersign recognition, automatic emergency braking and lane departure warning as well as driver attention monitoring.

peugeot e-2008 official
Credits: Peugeot

Options exclusive to the GT version

On the comfort side, we note with benevolence the presence of grab handles at the four corners of the cabin (the driver has his own), which is becoming rare enough to be noted.

Some options may also attract the favor of the most geeks, such as the Navigation Pack which includes an improved TomTom connected navigation system (with 3-year subscription included), voice recognition in natural language, connected services (parking, weather, local search, etc.). However, it is only available on the GT version.

The Vision Pack, also available on the GT, includes 2 reversing cameras (front and rear), 360 cameras and blind spot monitoring. On the other hand, we note the pure and simple disappearance of the Focal high-fidelity pack, which is no longer mentioned at all in the tariff brochure provided by Peugeot. The Focal-Peugeot partnership continuing on other vehicles of the brand, in particular the new 508, this choice to remove this option is surprising. Especially since it was accessible on the first version of the e-2008.

peugeot e-2008 official
Credits: Peugeot

The engines of the new e-2008

Let’s move on to the 136 horsepower offer which uses the permanent magnet synchronous motor already known on the previous version, associated with the 50 kWh battery. The new 156 horsepower engine, which features hybrid synchronous technology, delivers the same 260 Nm of torque from 500 to 4,060 rpm.

The 400-volt 54 kWh Li-ion battery has one less module (17 instead of 18), for a useful capacity of 48.1 kWh instead of 46.3 on the 50 kWh version. The most interesting concerns its higher energy density, since for almost 2 additional useful kWh, she weighs 5 pounds less (340 kg against 345 kg). It should also be noted that this new version does not modify the empty mass of the vehicle, contained in 1,550 kg.

peugeot e-2008 official
Credits: Peugeot

The performance of the new e-2008

The choice of the higher motor does not modify the maximum speed: 150 km/h and (in Sport mode only). This engine, on the other hand, offers better acceleration, with a 0 to 100 km/h covered in 9.1 seconds, compared to 9.9 seconds for the 136 horsepower version. Ditto on the times, or the passage from 80 to 120 km / h is done in 5.6 seconds, against 6.8 seconds on the first offer.

Better energy density therefore, and better autonomy. The new battery allows the e-2008 to travel up to 406 km according to the mixed WLTP cycle, which is 66 more than before. In an urban cycle, the radius of action then extends to 576 kilometerscompared to 470 with the 50 kWh pack.

What unfortunately does not change is the admissible power in the on-board DC charger, which always caps at 100 kW. However, since the recharge time indicated is identical (approximately 30 minutes), it can be assumed that the load curve has been improved to maintain a higher levelLonger.

The clue that allows us to consider this improvement is to be found in the AC charging times, which are logically longer with the 54 kWh battery than with the 50 kWh block. At these relatively low power levels, the load curve is almost constant. Consequently, with the optional 11 kW charger and on the 11 kW charging station, the charging time is extended by approximately 10 minutes with the 54 kWh battery.

peugeot e-2008 official
Credits: Peugeot


We will therefore essentially retain four things from the new Peugeot e-2008 range, starting with its price drop of 800 euros, to the particular detriment of the now optional heat pump. It is in our opinion a rational choice, this type of equipment being ultimately not so useful as that in most latitudes and only becomes interesting in the most extreme climatic situations.

The other good news is that heavy daily riders can now have a best offer in terms of battery. Added to this is increased comfort of use, with improved acceleration. Small flat, however, on the charging times, which remain unchanged.

peugeot e-2008 official
Credits: Peugeot

Moreover, the technological offer does not evolve significantly, autonomous driving remaining for example at the same level 2 than with the first version of the e-2008.

Finally, in addition to the new design that we had the opportunity to detail during the unveiling of the car, note also the availability of two new shades, Selenium Gray and Okenite White, as well as the biton black roof on the GT version. Ditto, new rims are offered, in line with those of the new Peugeot 408.

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