Problems with the dubbing of the latest Foundation chapter on Apple TV +

If you are signed up for Apple TV +, Fundación is probably one of the culprits. And it is that the science fiction series based on the novels of Isaac Asimov is one of the most acclaimed, although in its last episode of the first season, broadcast on Friday, there are problems with its dubbing into Spanish. What is happening so that it is not in this language?

A recurring problem since Invasion and Ted Lasso

If you look at all the chapters of the Fundación series, you will realize that its first 9 episodes are available with dubbing in a multitude of languages, including Spanish. However, the tenth and last of that season does not appear in this language. And far from seeming an isolated event, it is something that unfortunately is becoming more frequent than users would like.

The award-winning comedy Ted Lasso does not appear dubbed into Spanish in the eighth chapter of its second season. The same happens with Invasión, a series recently released and whose second chapter does not offer this dubbing either. Although in these cases it is due to a technical problem on some devices, since in the Mac application they do appear with Spanish dubbing.

Scene from the tenth chapter of Foundation (Apple TV +)

That is why it is not known for sure what happens with Fundación. It could be due to a technical failure similar to that of the other series. However, as we have seen, it is not available in Spanish on any device. Therefore, it could all be due to the fact that it is not really bent, which sounds a bit strange if we consider that there has not been a minimum delay in the previous ones and that information about possible inconveniences in this process has not been disclosed either.

Alternatives until the final solution arrives

It is evident that if you start to watch a series in one language, especially when it is your native language and you have become accustomed to the voices, having to watch it in another is at least tedious. But unfortunately it is the only possibility that there is at the moment, being able to see the series In english with subtitles in spanish, because with these yes that no problem has been registered.

We have contacted the Apple TV + press team in order to clarify this situation and they do not know the origin of the problem, although they claim to be investigating it. It is expected that in the next few days or weeks it will be available, or at least we hope so. Be that as it may, we are sorry to tell you that this possibility mentioned above is the only alternative that exists, so if you are very interested in seeing how the Foundation season ends, you will have no other option.

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