Project Marathon, a new triple A Alien on the way

Alien is one of those film sagas that, for decades, has also had abundant representation in the world of games. Since Concept Software’s Alien, published in 1984 for Spectrum, Amstrad CPC and Commodore 64, from time to time we have been able to enjoy new titles that, with mixed success, have tried to transfer the terrifying experience of facing the terrible xenomorph from the big screen to the privacy of our homes.

Lieutenant Ripley, Dallas, the Nostromo ship… we are talking about a fundamental reference in science fiction, but also in horror movies. And it is that I bet that most of us still remember the first time we saw any of the films in the saga and the impact that seeing the creatures for the first time produced on us. The rest of the plots also had more than one surprise in store for us, but without a doubt the “bugs” that give the saga its name deserve to do so in their own right.

Thus, whenever a new game based on the Alien universe is announced, we cross our fingers and hope that, to a greater or lesser extent, it will be able to provide us with an experience that can compete, in intensity, with what the movies have produced for us. . In other words, each announcement of a new Alien game is potentially good news that, yes, on more than one occasion is sadly undervalued by the final result.

Now, in this case we still can’t talk about an announcement, but about a leak. As we can read in Insider Gaming, the Japanese studio Grasshopper Manufacture is working on a new triple A from the Alien universe. Said publication alleges to have had access to internal documentation from the study that confirms this development, and that indicates that the company’s plans go through publication sometime in 2023, probably around Christmas.

Not much else is known about this game, other than the fact that it will be a survival horror title in the vein of Resident Evil, Dead Space, and similar titles. Let’s remember that Grasshopper was acquired by NetEase in October of last year, at the end of an operation that began a few months earlier, in May. This has served to further boost its already remarkable history, in which we find such notable sagas as No More Heroes, The Silver Case and Killer7. This is, yes, his first project related to the Alien saga, so we will be very attentive to any official announcement, progress, etc., in order to begin to assess whether we should get excited again.

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