PS5, Xbox Series X: discover the Lego version of the Sony and Microsoft consoles

With the current shortage of electronic chips, it is still just as complicated to get a PS5 or an Xbox Series X. Designer BrickinNick has decided to overcome the problem (not really) by creating two LEGO versions of the two new generation consoles. The result is quite impressive, and its creator hopes to have obtained enough support to officially launch the mass production of these two kits.

Credit: BrickinNick

LEGOs have never been so popular. The toy brand is doing particularly well, so much so that a study recently recommended investing in LEGO rather than Bitcoin or gold! Indeed, it turns out that the value of some rare coins are constantly increasing in value, up to 11% per year on average.

It must be said that the Danish brand has a series of prestigious partnerships. In May 2021, LEGO partnered with Snapchat to launch an augmented reality game, while the company has had a relationship of trust with Nintendo for several years now. We remember for example the NES kit in LEGO launched in 2022 and sold 230 €.

And precisely, this brick adaptation of BigN’s first console inspired designer BrickinNick. Lover of LEGO too, this creator had fun creating two lego versions PS5 and Xbox Series X, the latest next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

lego ps5
Credit: BrickinNick

The PS5 and Xbox Series X land in the LEGO universe

The result is rather stunning and is intended to be faithful to the original. “Bringing the PS5 to life as 1: 1 scale LEGO bricks was anything but boring. The curves, angles, and complicated vents made the build extremely difficult, but everything went very well. All buttons, ports and other details are right where you expect them ”, he explains on the LEGO Ideas page.

For the Xbox Series X, the principle is exactly the same: you can open the console to access three compartments that you can modify at will by adding characters, vehicles, etc. For now, the PS5 and Xbox Series X in LEGO version remain concepts. Nevertheless and with sufficient support, these kits could move to the marketing box. This is why BrickinNick asks people to visit the site Lego ideas.

This program, set up by the Danish company, allows LEGO lovers to submit their creation to the votes of users. If the 10,000 vote mark is reached, LEGO will look into the creation in question for possible commercialization. You will understand, if you want a LEGO PS5, you will have to bring your voice to BrickinNick.

xbox series x lego
Credit: BrickinNick

Source: GameInformer

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