Puebla brings Mexican Christmas to the Vatican

Mexico returns to Vatican through the state of Puebla, in the traditional event of Mexican Christmas, where the Vatican museums, the Paul VI Hall and the Via de la Conciliacion, attendees will admire part of the crafts and traditions that the state offers.

A sample of 20 photos have been placed in the Via de la Conciliacion, where the Ambassador of Mexico to the Holy See, Alberto Barranco placeholder image, and the Ambassador of Mexico to Italy, Carlos Garcia de Alba, they cut the inaugural ribbon together with the Secretary of Economy of Puebla, Olivia Solomon, who attended on behalf of the governor Miguel Barbosa, and the secretary of tourism, Marta Ornelas, and the secretary of culture, Sergio vergara.

The Ambassador of Mexico to the Holy See, stressed that despite the much smaller budget than in previous years, “Mexico did not want to lose the presence because if the tradition is not shelled.”

He highlighted that it is a very important state through its religious architecture, as well as the talavera that is part of many palaces and churches in Mexico.

“The great Mexican dishes have been made in convents and convents of Puebla, the poblano mole, the tablecloth stain, the rompope, the Semites, all of this was born in the convents of Puebla, there is a tradition that binds us.”

The Embassador Alberto Barranco placeholder image He mentioned that mole was born thanks to the fact that it was a dish specially prepared for the archbishop.

“The dishes have to do with a religious issue, for example when the mole is made that has a hundred ingredients, between chocolate and chili, it was a banquet that was going to be given to the Archbishop, so the Archbishop used for the first time that word when he sees all that, he says that cool; as well as the chiles en nogada, which is the Mexican flag where the nuns of Santa Clara wanted to give testimony ”.

The artisan Teresa Lino, originally from the municipality of Hueyapan, an indigenous Nahuatl people, who produces wool textiles dyed with natural dyes that come from the indigenous clothing of this place, said she dedicates herself to this to have an economic income for her family,

“It gives me great joy and I recognize the opportunity given to me to make my artisan products known and to make my cultural identity known through the embroidery iconography,” commented the artisan.

The Secretary of Economy of the State of Puebla, Olivia Solomon, satisfied with being able to represent Mexico and being the first state after last year was not carried out due to the pandemic, highlighted the dissemination of Puebla’s culture through artisans to be able to teach the world what they are capable of creating.

“That they can find other markets internationally is very important for our government. The Embassy of Mexico to Italy made us all some business appointments to be able to also make our country known, our state as an investment destination and also in the trade part we bring products from the field, honey, coffee, which are the products that they are trying to export to Italy ”.

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