Razer has another control center with little screens for your live streams on Twitch

Razer continues to expand its peculiar portfolio oriented to streamers and content creators, and this time it has presented a new version of one of the most demanded accessories. We are obviously talking about a direct access control center from which to launch shortcuts and applications at the click of a button, a tool that has become the Swiss army knife of streamers.

New Razer Stream Controller X

Razer Stream Controller X

He Stream Controller X It is an excellent control panel with 15 buttons from which we can launch all kinds of shortcuts that we configure in the official application. It has a fairly refined design that reveals very good quality in the official images, and although after all it is a product that is extremely similar to the elgato Stream Deck, Razer has managed to give it its touch with serious and at the same time elegant lines.

The software in charge of managing everything is Loupedeck, a manufacturer known for making really spectacular control tables, so the software will also be up to the task. With the Stream Controller X, we will be able to launch applications, check the status of live broadcasts activating animations, transitions between screens, lighting control, starting or stopping a recording and a thousand endless functions that will depend on your creativity from the many available plugins that you can install.

The device has a non-slip magnetic base that will keep it tilted 50 degrees so that you can comfortably press each of its keys.

If you are a streamer, you must have one

Razer Stream Controller X

The possibilities offered by this type of controller are so many that they have become fundamental pieces of live broadcasts. Basically because at a glance you will be able to have dozens of actions at hand that you can activate with a gesture with your finger, instead of having to think with the mouse and keyboard shortcuts, which would make you lose attention live.

but also to work

The best thing is that the software is compatible with dozens of toolsso you can also use the Razer Stream Controller X to quickly manage the tools of photoshopedit videos in Premiere Pro and ultimately speed up processes in many more applications.

How much does it cost?

Razer Stream Controller X

Until now, the manufacturer offered a larger model with many more buttons and options, however its price rose to 269.99 euros, a price that not everyone could afford. With the arrival of the new version, the manufacturer offers a cheaper entry price with which to enjoy a model with 15 customizable keys, and whose price is more than interesting €179.99. The device is already available on the Razer website, so you can place your order today and receive it in a few days.

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