Rozy is the successful Korean influencer who doesn’t really exist

Rozy, the successful influencer who conquers brands

With the social media explosion the figure of the influencer also began to be increasingly popular. And that was never really anything new, because throughout the history of humanity there have been people with a great capacity for conviction, for influencing the opinions of others. But it is true that these platforms gave a loudspeaker to many of them so that they could reach even more people.

Well, in recent years we have seen that virtual influencers have grown in number to the point that today they are already seen as something normal and following them is nothing strange. What’s more, collaborating with brands is already seen as something so common that they are effectively called that because they manage to influence those who follow them.

The last sensation in this of the influencers created by computer it’s Rozy, a Korean girl who joins that select group formed by other virtual influencers such as Lil Miquela, Bermuda, Blawko or Shudu among others.

Rozy is the creation of Sidus Studio X, a Korean media company that seems to have gotten a lot right with its approach. And it is that they do not seek to create a girl with a striking western beauty, almost perfect. Here the idea was to show a normal Korean girl, so much so that for many it is difficult to distinguish whether or not it is really something created by computer or it is real.

CGI graphics and a smooth life

Why an influencer like Rozy is so successful, especially among brands. Why is it better than a real person. (Phentermine) Well, it’s very easy: they do not generate controversy and are eternal.

Surely you know more than one example of an Influencer who runs a campaign for a brand and a few days after its publication a controversy appears. Sometimes because he promotes a product in which he does not believe, because he changes his mind and after announcing something he criticizes it, etc.

These problems are not generated by a virtual influencer and that is important for brands, because they can rest assured that there will be no shock. At least not because something they cannot control is the life and opinion of a person.

In addition to this, certain brands need a certain image and that over time is something that is unforgiving. People get older and although changing one’s image is usually also an interesting claim, being able to work for years with the same “person” is interesting.

It is mainly for these two reasons that virtual influencers are so successful, but in Rozy’s case there is also her naturalness. And it is that its creators have sought to make it look like one more Korean girl. Maybe meeting certain criteria, but if you look in many publications you will see that there are those who doubt that it is or not a computer creation.

More than a hundred companies support it

Seeing all this, it is normal that there are already more than a hundred companies that support Rozy. Or maybe we should tell the studio that I believe it. But that does not matter, in the face of these brands and the users who follow it on networks, the important thing is that it does its job: it connects with other people and is capable of influencing them.

So, if by any chance you were considering being an influencer, you may need to think about how much it would compensate for the effort necessary to achieve it and how long you could stay. Because if you are not very clear, seeing how these progress may not make sense. If it comes naturally, great, but “killing yourself” for it may not be interesting because the use of virtual influencers will go further.

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