Rumors about the AirPods of the future with body temperature sensor, posture monitor and hearing aid

We have been a while when AirPods do not appear on the scene in terms of rumors about possible news. In the future and always according to the medium The Wall Street Journal, Apple could add a body temperature sensor to them, use some of the many sensors it carries to monitor the posture of our body and also to function as a hearing aid thanks to its integrated microphones.

The truth is that the rumor about the temperature measurement is something that we have been rumored for a long time, but the subject of use the sensors to monitor the user’s posture and alert them when they are slouching too much it’s something new. Using the AirPod as a hearing aid, we imagine that it is preceded by the new Conversation Boost function that they implemented in the latest version of the AirPods firmware, and it doesn’t seem like a bad idea to us either.

Turning AirPods into hearing aids always makes sense depending on the level of hearing loss. And is that in some cases the hearing aids used are not very powerful and it may be that with the AirPods it is enough to get to hear well. Logically this will depend on many factors but it is interesting that Apple is working on it. The rest of the rumors such as body temperature sensors are still possible as well as using the sensors in the headphones to look at the individual’s body posture and correct it if necessary.

It therefore seems that the new AirPods models that could arrive next year would add a series of considerable improvements compared to the current model. This, which are logically rumors, can become something real over the months but for now it’s time to continue seeing the progress of these rumors.

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