Sage buys Spherics for carbon footprint measurement

A few days ago, Sage announced the purchase of the accounting solution, Spherics, to help companies measure their carbon footprint, to easily understand and reduce your environmental impact. This acquisition demonstrates Sage’s commitment to sustainability, and its ambition to break down barriers for SMEs and support them on their journey to zero carbon emissions, through its trusted digital network.

Automating the process, Spherics enter the data from the client’s accounting software and compares transactions to emission factors to create an initial estimate of your carbon footprint. It then guides the user to refine this estimate by presenting data such as office details, employee commuting, or energy consumption.

In 2022, Sage committed to fighting climate change and protecting the planet in three ways: halving its own emissions by 50% by 2030 and becoming Net Zero by 2040; supporting SMEs to reach Net Zero, and advocating for enabling policy and regulatory frameworks to support the transition to a low-carbon economy.

We know that SMEs care about the impact they have on the environment, and our research shows that they want to work with suppliers and partners who can help them understand and address it”says Amaya Souarez, EVP Cloud Operations at Sage. “The acquisition of Spherics represents an important milestone in our sustainability strategy. By combining Spherics’ innovative software with Sage’s digital network, we are connecting companies with emissions data from their customers and suppliers, enabling easy and collaborative climate action across the value chain.”he concludes.

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By supporting clients with spend-based analysis, Sage is helping SMEs apply carbon emission factors to purchase categories such as delivery, accommodation, electricity, travel, etc., to estimate the carbon footprint associated with a transaction. This approach is already widely used and aligns with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, the globally agreed standard for measuring carbon emissions.

Our vision and mission closely align with Sage’s core values, and we are excited to embark on this new journey to help SMEs break down barriers to a more sustainable future. Global emissions continue to rise rapidly, and we need immediate and significant climate action around the world.” points George Sandiland, CEO and co-founder of Spherics. “Together with Sage we will be able to make a global impact on greenhouse gas emissions, supporting millions of businesses on their journey to zero emissions.” concludes.

“A company’s ability to integrate sustainability metrics into its growth strategy and to transparently demonstrate its sustainability credentials is becoming a strong differentiator globally.”, says Mickey North Rizza, vice president of the Enterprise Software Group at IDC. “We see companies moving towards more integrated and results-oriented ways of incorporating sustainability into every step of the business life cycle, and our studies show that organizations are investing in many application areas directly related to sustainability. and ESG initiatives in the coming months. In particular, supply chain, finance, and enterprise resource planning applications are at the forefront of this investment, with some of the biggest benefits in terms of increased productivity and profitability, and lower costs. ”.

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