Save up to 600 euros when you buy the 65″ Samsung QLED 4K on Amazon

Are you thinking of exchanging your old television for a SmartTV that allows you to access the best content? Well, this is the perfect time to do it thanks to all the offers and discounts that we find right now in all brands. However, there is an offer that has really caught our attention and that is that we It will allow you to save up to 600 euros in a single purchase, which is known as a bargain. Its about Samsung QLED 4K Smart TV, a 65″ smart television that will captivate you.

This model will allow you to enjoy your favorite series and movies like nobody else, even your football matches, and there is nothing better than seeing everything in a big way and with a very good resolution, which is precisely what the Samsung Smart TVs.

Save 600 euros with this discount on the Samsung QLED 4K

Features of the Samsung QLED 4K Q74A

The television Samsung QLED 4K model Q74A It has a QLED 4K processor with AI, which will allow it to transform and improve sound and image quality regardless of the source of origin. It will allow you to better see your old favorite series by being able to transform the image. In addition, it offers a Quantum dot inorganic technology that converts the light from the TV into more than a billion colors at any brightness level, so the images will be much sharper.

The QuantumHDR10+ It will bring out the details and contrast so that you yourself can experience the full power of the image, you will see the images as if you were in the cinema! The Contrast Enhancer It will also allow you to create a very exact level of color depth thanks to the analysis of each image. This will create much more realistic tones.

For gamers, this Smart TV will allow the game to be played in panoramic, that is, it will modify the screen ratio 21:9 and 32:9 to have a more complete vision of the game and be able to enjoy the maximum experience. Also, thanks to Motion Xcelerator Turbo+, you will be able to enjoy an ultra-smooth game without blurring. Moving scenes will be optimized up to 120Hz in 4K. You will conquer all your enemies with the speed and image of Smart TV!

As if all this were not enough, the Samsung QLED 4K model Q74A have a AirSlim design, an ultra-slim design that will allow you to focus on what really matters, the image of your favorite movie or series in 65″.

It supports both Android and iOS operating systems and has video call functionality from the TV, which will allow you to connect in an easy and enormous way with your loved ones.

Its price? Just €849 thanks to the great 41% discount What does it offer? amazon for this one SmartTV. So if you decide to buy it now, you will be saving 600 euros on your purchase, money that you can use on other types of accessories, such as speakers or sound bars, and even to renew the old television that you have in the kitchen and in which you can only tune two channels.

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