Should Microsoft allow us to uninstall Windows Defender?

We have already spoken on many occasions about the need to have an antivirus installed on our computer. From there we have the freedom to choose the developer of this that convinces us the most. All this despite the fact that, in Microsoft itself, in its operating system, it proposes its solution of this type, Windows Defender.

For decades there have been many companies specialized in software security that offer us very interesting projects to protect our equipment. These signatures with the passage of time are gone gaining adherents who trust your security products. How could it be otherwise, these developers are in charge of keeping their antivirus updated as well as adding new functions that adapt to the times. We have both free and paid solutions at hand, some more complete than others.

But as we mentioned a few years ago, the software giant Microsoft came on the scene with a solution that aims to compete with all the others. We are talking about Windows Defender, an antivirus that we find in the company’s operating system. We must bear in mind that we are talking about the most used system in the world in desktop computers. Therefore, this greatly helps the widespread use of this program. But at this point we have to admit that it is not only about this question anymore, but at the same time we are talking about a very powerful and reliable security solution.

However, there are many users who still do not trust this solution and prefer to use more veteran antivirus.

Microsoft almost forced users to use Windows Defender

In fact, many of them wonder why Microsoft tries to force us to use its software of this type in Windows. We must bear in mind that when we install the operating system from scratch, from the outset, we already find this antivirus activated and working. It is true that, when installing any other security proposal, Windows Defender turns off automatically. But despite this, perhaps a more effective solution would be to allow the antivirus to be completely uninstalled.

There is no doubt that the software giant is betting that its solution is extended to the majority of users, something that it is largely achieving. But somehow it also lets the rest choose when it comes to install alternative antivirus from other developers. Precisely for all this, the most advisable thing would be allow uninstallation of security program as such. Although at first it offered it by default to do a clean installation of the system, surely many would appreciate being able to remove it completely.

So viewed that way, it would be a big decision on the part of the software giant to allow us to carry out this removal task. Thus, those who wanted to keep Windows Defender on their computers could do so without any problem. At the same time, users who sing for other options would have the possibility of discarding this antivirus in order to install and use the security software of their choice.

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