So you can know which pages you visit the most with this function of the Chrome browser

This function does not tell you exactly how many times you visit a page, but rather the rate from 0 to 100. With that score, you can know which sites you visit the most. If a page has 100 on a basis of 100, it means that you open it every day, every time you start the browser. The closer it is to 0, the less relevant it is to you.

Most visited sites

If you use Google Chrome as a browser, you just have to access chrome://site-engagement/. You copy and paste that into the bar and it will take you to a page where you can see all the sites ordered from most to least important to you. Basically, at the top the pages you visit most frequently.

If you use the browser mainly to read news, pages of this type that you usually visit constantly will appear. If, for example, you use social networks like Facebook a lot, you will see them in the first position. Everything will depend on each user, on the use they give to their browser.

Is this really useful? It can be, as long as you want to have a greater control of your time and what you use the browser for. You may be surprised if you see a social network in the top positions and want to spend less time there and dedicate it to other things. It could be useful, therefore, to better organize your daily life on the Internet.

But,what does Google take into account for this score? It’s not just about opening a URL, but how you use it. For example, it takes into account the clicks you make, moving from one place to another on that page, key, playing multimedia content that it may have, if you enter directly by putting the address in the browser bar, etc.

Web page

Does not sync

You may use Google Chrome on your computer and also on your mobile. You may be wondering if that information is synchronized between devices, but the truth is that no. In fact, you can check which pages are most important for your daily life on PC and mobile. You will most likely find differences. For example, you could see that social media pages appear more on the computer, while on the mobile phone, where you are going to enter by application, they do not.

This information, which is unique for each device and user, could become a problem. Why do we say this? If it were to be filtered, a third party could know more about you, how you browse, what pages you visit, interests you may have, etc. Hence the doubt arises, at least for some, as to whether it is really useful or not taking privacy into account.

You can’t remove this feature from Chrome, so they will always be collecting data to see which pages you visit the most. If you enter incognito mode, it is deleted as soon as you close the window. However, what you can do is delete browsing data from chrome://settings/clearBrowserData. When you do this, the counter is reset.

As you can see, you have the option to check which websites you visit most on a daily basis. It is very simple and you can see it in Google Chrome or any other browser that is based on Chromium. You can always protect access to Chrome and thus improve security.

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