Sony is already testing PlayStation 5 games in the cloud

Exclusive games are undoubtedly one of the great values ​​of PlayStation 5, and therefore the main responsible for its enormous sales success. However, the Japanese technology does not stop observing the movements carried out by Microsoft with Xbox, and it is that despite the fact that those from Redmond have not managed to stand up to Sony in the console market, they have carried out other movements very interesting, and that sooner or later they have obtained a reply from the Japanese.

Definitely, Microsoft’s biggest success in the world of gaming is Xbox Game Passits video game subscription service, which for a modest monthly fee allows users to access a careful and varied selection of titles, either through console or PC with its two basic modalities, or those of both platforms , as well as Xbox Cloud, Microsoft’s cloud gaming service, in which we will have access to part of the games included in Game Pass.

At the time, given the success of Xbox Game Pass, Sony replied that the PlayStation 5 market was very different and that, therefore, they were not considering offering a similar service. But this approach did not last long, if it was still valid when such a statement was made (in the middle of 2021), since shortly after rumors to the contrary began to arrive, and finally Sony confirmed that it was launching into the game subscription market with PlayStation Plus, thus reformulating the PlayStation 5 subscription service.

Sony is already testing PlayStation 5 games in the cloud

I have already mentioned before that Xbox Game Pass, in its Ultimate mode, also includes access to Xbox Cloud, Microsoft’s cloud gaming platform. Thus, Sony’s footsteps have been followed in this regard for a long time. And as we can read on the official blog, it seems that the wait will not be long, since Sony has already started testing cloud gaming with PlayStation 5 games. This is what is stated there, regarding its business model:

«We are currently testing cloud streaming for supported PlayStation 5 games; this includes PS5 titles from the PlayStation Plus game catalog and game tests, as well as compatible digital PS5 titles owned by playerssaid Nick Maguire, vice president of global services, global sales and business operations at Sony Interactive Entertainment. “When this feature launches, cloud game streaming for supported PS5 titles will be available to use directly on your PS5 console”.

Thus, it seems that his proposal will allow, in addition to accessing the game in the cloud of the titles included in the PlayStation Plus subscription, to also enjoy in this way the games that have been purchased in the digital store, without having to previously install them on the console, something that personally seems to me a great success. However, yes, at least for now they talk about Access will only be allowed from PlayStation 5, nothing from the previous generation or from PC, something that Microsoft does with Xbox Cloud.

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