Spain wants to manufacture chips, is its plan viable or a toast to the sun?

Since the bull’s skin has not wanted to be less than the Teutons. And it is that with the announcement a few weeks ago of Intel building its factories in Germany, in our country it seems that they want to do the same. What is Spain’s plan to manufacture chips and its viability? It is possible that we are facing the return of an industry that left a long time ago or of a simple toast to the sun.

We have told you several times about the regionalization process and how it will affect the hardware industry. This process is completely antagonistic to globalization and consists of manufacturing components in the same country as the company’s headquarters, or if possible, in one that is very close, politically or geographically speaking. It is more, with the situation between China and Taiwan, on the one hand, and the continuous stoppages of the Asian superpower, on the other. Not surprisingly, manufacturers have decided to start targeting other countries.

In the midst of all this, the different countries raid their coffers to convince the large multinationals to settle in their countries. The last to join the party? Spain wants to manufacture chips, but in the midst of what is apparently good news on paper, we have to take into account a series of elements that are often overlooked.

Spain wants to donate 11,000 million euros to manufacture chips

No, it’s not that suddenly TSMC; Samsung, Intel or any other caliber foundry has decided to manufacture in Spain on its own initiative, but it is the Spanish government that, believing that it has the means of production in its hands, has made the decision to offer 11,000 million euros to said companies to that they manufacture in our country. In any case, this figure seems insufficient for the adoption of a state-of-the-art node, so if it were to occur, we would see components being manufactured that do not require such an advanced manufacturing process.

In any case, is it something possible or, instead, is it an idea that does not make any sense? It is funny that after decades destroying the Spanish industrial fabric and with the cost of energy on the rise as the main problem. Let’s not forget that TSMC backed off the deployment of a factory in the United States because of these associated costs. In other words, manufacturers can find that making a chip in Spain is much more expensive than doing it in other countries.

Would we like it to happen in our country? Of course, this is a market that was lost years ago, that of consumer electronics with products made in Spain. We don’t think we’re going to see high-end processors and graphics cards being factories here, possibly some minor component of those. In any case, the world of microprocessors in Spain has been completely ignored for years, to the point that it has not been seen as a professional opportunity to dedicate oneself to it.

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