Spotify will promote the NFTs of its artists

Spotify is not in the best of its moments, that is something indubitable. On the one hand, it has faced strong controversy for having added those of the controversial Joe Rogan to its catalog of podcasts, something that has motivated some artists to leave Spotify, as well as rejection by its users. On the other hand, despite its constant announcements regarding this type of content, many of the announced podcasts have not materialized; and last but not least, the HiFi music promised by Spotify more than a year ago is still not arriving.

Thus, for some time now we can affirm that Spotify has specialized in announcing and promising new features, without necessarily meaning that they will materialize. It sounds bad, I know, but it is not an opinion, but the verification of an easily verifiable fact. Perhaps it is because the projects are complicated, or perhaps because of a somewhat strange but perhaps effective marketing policy, the fact is that we have been seeing something like this for a long time.

The most curious thing, however, is that while these big announcements are being postponed permanently, Spotify launches to explore other possible innovations for the service. And, as we can read on TechCrunch, the latest news in this regard is that Spotify is testing a new feature whereby artists with a presence on the platform can use it to promote their non-expendable digital assetsyou know, the popular NFTs.

The test is public, although at the moment it is only available to a pre-selected group of artists from the United States, and in all cases, users can review the catalog of NFTs promoted by artists on Spotify. Of course, the service only fulfills the function of a showcase, if someone wishes to buy one of these tokens, they will be redirected to the digital asset store in which it is published, without Spotify participating in the process, for which they will also not receive commissions. .

According to the company itself, are testing this feature in response to requests they may have received from third parties In this regard. The big question is whether Spotify users share this interest and, therefore, whether they will access the profiles of artists in search of their NFTs, either out of simple curiosity or out of real interest in getting hold of one of them. Be that as it may, it’s good that Spotify tests new functions, there’s no doubt about it… but that they get their act together with high-fidelity music, that’s what users really expect.

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