Squid Game: the Netflix series close to being a $ 1 billion hit

Thanks to a look at the show data of Netflix, which are not normally made public and remain jealously hidden, we discover that not only that the South Korean drama of the moment, Squid Game, is the most watched series ever debuting on the video on demand platform, but which is nearing being a success by a billion dollars.

Citing some confidential data in Netflix’s internal documents, Bloomberg published an article a few hours ago, in which he claims that Squid Game will generate approximately $ 900 million in value for the Californian video streaming company. This number does not refer to sales of the series (the company does not sell specific shows), but rather reflects how Netflix determines a show’s contribution to its profits based on the number of subscribers who have watched it.

Could it be why the show’s creator changed his mind about Squid Game 2?

Squid Game is a hit worth nearly a billion dollars for Netflix

Impressive figures for a series that cost Netflix only $ 21.4 million and whose realization in the USA, where actors, talents and material require a much greater outlay of money, would have cost “Five to ten times more”.

The Bloomberg article also provided a detailed look at the data the press, investors, Hollywood and even series creators have been looking forward to for years.

For example, while Netflix sometimes releases data on how many people have watched at least two minutes of a show, it doesn’t reveal how many people watch more or how many people actually finish watching all episodes of a show. Well, that until today.

Netflix estimates that 89% of viewers who started watching Squid Game went on to watch at least another 75 minutes of the show, which is something more than an episode. And specifically, 132 million people watched at least two minutes in the first 23 days of the show.

When it comes to how many people actually finished watching the series in its first 23 days after its premiere, it looks like the numbers add up to 66% of viewers, or 87 million people.

Overall, viewers have apparently spent more than 1.4 billion hours watching Squid Game, he said Bloomberg.

And if on the one hand there are certainly those who are celebrating in the Netflix offices for the success of Squid Game, on the other hand it seems that the company is not happy with the data released by Bloomberg.

The company told Bloomberg (via its team of lawyers) that it would be inappropriate to publish the data contained in the documents.

“Netflix does not discuss these metrics outside the company and takes significant measures to protect them from disclosure”

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