Star Citizen has exceeded $ 400 million in crowdfunding

Long dubbed “The Big Scam” due to its incessant delays and incessant fundraising, a few months ago we already saw some playable results from Star Citizen, confirming not only that the game exists, but that going on a very promising path. So much so, that people have continued to want to invest in it, now exceeding 400 million dollars in its crowdfunding campaign, the most ever accumulated by a game on this platform.

And it is that not only is it an already huge sum for any game, surpassing many triple A, but it is established as an almost unreal figure for a project mainly financed through a platform of patrons, with more than 3.3 million funders.

In addition, it does not stop emphasizing that most of these contributions come from the purchase of contents and ships that will be available in the future within the game, and not in the improvements itself, with figures that reach thousands of dollars per unit.

However, the company continues to make progress on Star Citizen, and despite great development freedom, it continues to post its regular development blogs along with all game progress updates. In addition, the game also has a “progress tracking” roadmap, which already details the work assignment until the third quarter of 2023.

And is that already exceeding 10 years of development, and without an end date on the horizon, the sheer volume of features and the level of graphics and audio fidelity that CIG seeks to implement are just some of the impressive features that the company seeks to implement. In fact, from CIG they are constantly creating new implementations, functionalities and improvements for the gameplay, such as the so-called “Salvage T0”, tentatively scheduled for launch in the second quarter of 2022, with which they seek to allow players to disassemble and repair their ships completely by hand.

Another feature, confirmed for release this quarter, will review the game’s physics engine, and yet another will allow players to traverse their environment in zero gravity using only their hands to push and pull. In general, an endless number of additions that, although they could end up being the best game in history, do not stop pushing their date more and more towards the infinity of space.

So, if you want to see first-hand all these news about Star Citizen, currently and until December 1 you can access for free to the current trial version as part of its current “Free Fly” event.

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