Stop Mentioning Will Smith: He’s Not Who You Think He Is

The 94th edition of the Oscar Awards It will go down in history as the ceremony that ended and no one remembered which movies and actors took a statuette. The Jane Campion Best Director Award for The Power of the Dog or the best actress to Jessica Chastain for Tammy Faye’s eyes were greatly overshadowed by Will Smith, his Oscar and the tortón that hit the slightly successful Chris Rock in the face. In the last day, Twitter has been filled with memes with Will Smith’s slap, to the point of almost running out of grace. However, not many users of the bird’s social network have realized that they were mentioning the wrong will smith.

That’s not Will Smith, it’s…

fake will smith

And no, it is not yet April 1 and we are not facing the typical joke forocochero by Morgan Freeman. In the last day, Twitter has dedicated itself to giving a lot of cane to Will Smith (@willsmith). However, this Will Smith was sleeping peacefully when the real Will Smith smacked Chris Rock for making jokes about his wife in the middle of the ceremony, as part of his comedy show.

The Will Smith of Twitter he has 240,000 followers. He is from San Francisco, and works creating virtual reality video games at FOO Animation Studio. Surely, that is the reason why he has his Twitter account verified. Still, this Will Smith woke up yesterday with his mention tray overflowing with insults. Has anyone stopped to think why the real Will Smith would have a profile picture of a redheaded man with glasses?

The one who does have Twitter is Jaden Smith

So no. Our Will Smith, the same one who went with his uncle and his aunt to Bel-Air, the one who survived the zombie apocalypse, saved seven lives and gives hosts like bread, does not have twitter. Or, at least, he does not have Twitter with his name and surnames —he has fake accounts as well as true streamer Spanish, at this point you never know.

However, those who did discover that the account we talked about before belonged to another man, without thinking twice, went to the profile of Jaden Smith, the son of the actor. He did not hesitate to defend his father’s act, posting a rather controversial tweet «And that’s how we do it». The tweet in question might sound ambiguous, but it was in conjunction with a second one that he deleted minutes later.

Still, Jaden has also received his fair share of negative comments. In many of them, they pay you with your own medicine by posting small snippets of The Karate Kid. In them, you can see how the school bully assaults Jaden Smith himself, making it clear to the actor that this was not what he told us 12 years ago in that movie in which he starred. Certainly a rather unfortunate comment for an Oscars night to forget.

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