Tesla: the Supercharger network now has 9,000 terminals in Europe

Tesla is taking advantage of the start of the summer period and holiday departures to announce that it has exceeded the milestone of 800 Supercharger stations in Europe. In total, nearly 9,000 Supercharger terminals are accessible on the Old Continent.

Credits: Tesla

While Tesla has to deal with other problems on its Tesla Model Y, the automaker is trying to give the change this time with good news. Indeed, the American brand announces this Thursday, June 30, 2022 having passed the milestone of 800 Supercharger stations installed in Europe.

In total, users on the Old Continent can recharge their vehicle via the 9,000 Supercharger terminals available to them, in more than 30 European countries. Cocorico moreover, since the last station to have seen the light of day is located in Avignon, in the commercial area of ​​the Pathé Cap Sud multiplex. It offers 28 charging pointsin line with our strategy to open larger sites to cover the needs of Tesla’s ever-growing fleet on European roads.”

tesla stations superchargers france
Credits: Tesla

The 800th European Supercharger station opens in Avignon

This Supercharger station fits perfectly into Tesla’s philosophy, which is to offer nearby restaurants, cinemas and shops. The goal is to keep drivers busy while charging their vehicle. Moreover, Tesla intends to build Supercharger stations equipped with a restaurant and an open-air cinema, as suggested by the latest patents filed by the company.

As Tesla recalls in its press release, the development of the Supercharger network in France has experienced particularly rapid expansion. In just one year, the capacities of the hexagonal network have increased by 50%. In the month of June 2022 alone, 11 new stations have opened their doors in Francein Avignon, in Blagnac, in Brest, in Châttellerault, in Metz Sud, in Montpellier, Neuville en Ferrain, Poitiers Sud, Saint Julien in Genevois, Saint Quentin and Tournus.

At the global level, Tesla’s Supercharger network currently includes 35,000 charging points distributed in more than 3500 stations. On average, users can take advantage of 11 terminals per station. At the same time, Tesla plans to continue opening Supercharger stations to competing electric vehicles in more countries. For the moment, this program is accessible in 13 countries, including France since January 31, 2022.

tesla stations superchargers france
Credits: Tesla

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