That’s how easy it is to increase the sound of any video with VLC

Once we have installed a Media player from the VLC category on our computer, we are going to demand the best performance from it. This is something that will directly affect both the audio and video sections, where we will demand everything we need from the program.

In these lines we are going to focus on something as important as the sound that these types of applications propose to us. In addition to stability and image quality, there are many other aspects that we must demand from a player of the level of VLC. Keep in mind that these types of applications are generally used to play our favorite movies and series, as well as to listen to music. Therefore, both elements must be carefully cared for.

Depending on the way in which this content that we are going to reproduce has been created, its quality will vary regardless of the player we use. It is precisely for this reason that programs like the aforementioned VLC additionally propose a series of configuration functions. For example, it may be the case that we load a certain file and its sound leaves much to be desired. With this, what we want to tell you is that on many occasions we find videos or music files whose volume is especially low. Perhaps with other more basic players this is something that has no solution, no matter how much we raise the program volume control.

But it is interesting to know that VLC lets us increase this volume beyond the usual, which sometimes will be very helpful. This is precisely what we are going to show you next.

Increase the original volume of videos in VLC

This unpleasant situation is sure that we have not encountered it on more than one occasion. We mean that we are going to reproduce a certain media file and its original volume it is too low. This is something that becomes clear even if we increase the sound level of the player to the maximum. That is why at this point on more than one occasion we have asked ourselves how we could increase it.

Well, this is an option offered by the aforementioned VideLAN multimedia player. The first thing we should know is that the most recent versions of the program, by default only allow us to reach 125%, that is, 25% more than the usual maximum level. But this is something we can modify so increase this volume up to 200%. We achieve this by making a small change in the configuration of the program itself, as we will see.

vlc volume

To change this default value and increase the original volume of the video up to twice the usual maximum, we have to access the program settings. In its main interface we go to the Tools / Preferences menu option. Next, at the bottom we mark the All option, to have access to the advanced settings. After that, in the left panel we click on Interface / Main Interfaces / Qt.

Now is when we must take a look at the right panel that appears to locate the entry called maximum volume displayed. Here we can set the volume to 200% which is what we are looking for to increase the level of the original file.

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