The 5 premieres that we are looking forward to seeing this month of July

July is practically here and with it I am sure that one of the best big plans to enjoy the summer is coming. Since not everything is going to be the beach, eating and partying, we do not want to stop reminding you of some of the premieres that you will be able to enjoy this month and with which you can also disconnect from the sofa at home. Don’t let them pass you by.

The Horror of Dolores Roach

Watch out for the new series with cannibal overtones from Amazon because it has no waste. In it we will see how Dolores, after 16 years in prison, finally returns home and tries to redirect her life. To do this, she will set up a massage parlor in the basement of a friend’s restaurant, a business that will do well at first until she finds an undesirable guy as a client. You will have to imagine the rest of the story… or take a look at the trailer (still in English only) that we leave you on these lines. arrives the July 7th.

Where to see it: Amazon Prime Video

Futurama – Season 11

Lovers of this great animated series for adults have a new and refreshing season to enjoy next month. It must be borne in mind that a new episode of this proposal by Matt Groening has not been broadcast for 10 years, so knowing that we will be able to see once again the adventures of the panda signed by Fry and company is all news. He July 24 You have it at a click of the remote control.

Where to see it: Disney+

Foundation – Season 2

The ambitious adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s great work resumes the broadcast with its second season to the delight of its fans. It is true that many readers have complained that the series Foundation It is not as faithful to the books as one would like, but we cannot stop praising the good work that is being done with this sci-fi proposal. Therefore, we do not doubt that this second season, with a time jump in the plot of 138 years and where the Empire is more threatened than ever while the Second Foundation emerges, will live up to expectations when we tune in to its first episode on July 14.

Where to see it: AppleTV+


Yellowstone is not the only series set in the western genre that will be walking on SkyShowtime. He July 10th arrives at the mentioned platform Django, a series inspired by the Sergio Corbucci film from the 60s, although the youngest will inevitably have the much more recent reference to Tarantino in their heads. Set in the 19th century, Django will arrive in a remote town in Texas in search of revenge for the death of his family, although in doing so he will discover that his daughter is still alive: she is already 20 years old and is going to marry the founder of the town, who does not welcomes the arrival of his father.

Where to see it: SkyShowtime

a perfect tale

An image from Netflix's A Perfect Tale

Elisabet Benavent continues to assign the rights to her books to adapt films and series of her stories and now it is the turn of one of her most recent works. a perfect tale introduces us to Margot, a young heiress to a hotel empire, and David, a boy who struggles to make ends meet. When they meet, they will realize that they have more in common than they could imagine. will arrive 28 of July.

Where to see it: Netflix

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