Sneak into the batcave: everything you need to know about Batman

One of the original founders of the Justice League, He has faced the greatest threats alone or alongside other heroes such as Superman, Wonder Woman or Flash.


Bruce Wayne was born into a wealthy family in Gotham City, where he continues living (in a large mansion). Doctor’s son Thomas Wayne and Martha WayneHe had a comfortable life until he was eight years old.

At that age, his parents were killed in front of him as they returned home. Since then, he has vowed to rid Gotham of the crime and evil that he took from his family.

Who Killed Batman’s Parents

A petty thief named Joe Chill, who assaulted Batman’s parents to rob them and shot them.

Throughout his existence, Batman will cross paths with Chill a few times and Chill will come to realize what he created that night.


Batman giving his to Superman

Batman has no superhuman abilities, but has the greatest of superpowers: money.

Billionaire thanks to his companies, that allows him to have almost unlimited resources and build everything that comes to your mind privileged mind.

Also, Batman has trained his strength and agility to the limit of a human being. An expert marksman, he is a master in the use of any weapon and martial arts.

His genius intellect has earned him the name of “World’s Best Detective.” In addition, he understands the human mind and psychology like no one else, that used to strike terror into hearts of his enemies.

What weapons does Batman use

His intelligence and money allow him to create the necessary weapons, vehicles and devices for every occasion. Almost always kept in the Batcave, his secret lair, Batman often confronts his enemies with:

  • The Bat-Suit kevlar and titanium. Bulletproof and with a multitude of protection and security systems.
  • The batarang. A bat-shaped boomerang that flings at its enemies.
  • His belt full of gadgets.
  • The batcord with which it helps to cross the rooftops of Gotham.
  • The Batmobile. His legendary modified car, but not the only means of transportation. He also owns an airplane, a motorcycle and, in general, any vehicle he needs.

Batman Enemies

Batman Villains

Batman’s greatest enemy is undoubtedly the joker, a criminal and psychotic genius, with clown makeup and who has led to the most effective confrontations.

Other legendary enemies of Batman have been:

  • The Penguin: a Gotham crime boss who has a complex relationship with Batman.
  • Catwoman: a skilled jewel thief, enemy, and sometimes lover.
  • Two faces: Former district attorney and former Batman ally turned schizoid criminal.
  • Enigma: a twisted puzzle-loving criminal genius.
  • Bane: An ex-con and murderer with superhuman strength.

Also, highlight The Scarecrow, Mr. Freeze, Ra’s al Ghul, Harley Quinn and a whole gallery of unforgettable baddies.

Batman allies

The Justice League

Despite being a dark and lonely superhero, in many of his battles he has not fought alone. Therefore, its greatest allies are:

  • Alfred Pennyworth: the faithful butler of the family and breadwinner of Batman.
  • Robin: Dick Grayson is Robin, the wonder boy, who in many comics has used his acrobatic skills with Batman to fight crime. Jason todd He will be the second Robin to fight alongside the Dark Knight.
  • Commissioner James Gordon: Gotham Police. Batman and the corrupt Gotham police have always had a complex relationship. Gordon has fought alongside Batman to eradicate crime from a dark city that seems doomed to him.
  • Superman– Batman’s complicated relationship with Earth’s most powerful superhero has spawned some of the best stories. Allies and sometimes rivals, Batman and Superman have saved the world countless times and have fought up to 16 times.
  • The Justice League– As a founding member, Batman has faced the greatest threats against Earth alongside League superheroes such as Wonder Woman or Aquaman.

Who have been the Batman couples

Besides friends and allies, Batman has had a multitude of lovers. The most prominent are:

  • Selina Kyle (Catwoman). One of the most important and thorny love relationships has been with this usual enemy / ally.
  • Julie Madison. Batman’s First Girlfriend during the golden age of comics. Actress by initial profession, her character has changed a lot over time.
  • Vicki Vale. Journalist who finds out his secret identity.
  • Talia al ghul. Daughter of the supervillain Ra’s al Gul.

In addition, other love relationships of less importance have been Black canary, Harley Quinn, Julia Pennyworth (daughter of his butler) and many more.

Until Wonder woman she has fallen for the charms of Batman.

The highlights of his life

Robin's death

During his youth, in order to fulfill his oath, Bruce Wayne leaves Gotham to train, learn and prepare. Upon his return to a dark, corrupt and hopeless city, he realizes that all of this is not enough for his goal.

Realizing that criminals are superstitious, will use fear to his advantage. A bat enters through the window of his mansion and inspires him to adopt the personality of Batman.

Since then, he has become a vigilante who brings justice to the streets of Gotham and who, in addition, will fight against other global threats in the company of other heroes.

Together with commissioner James Gordon, who usually uses a spotlight at night with his symbol to call him, projected in the sky (the Batsignal), they will undertake the impossible task of ridding Gotham of evil.

During the so-called Modern Age of the character, some of the events that will most mark his life take place.

Jason Todd, the second Robin, will die at the hands of his arch enemy the Joker in A death in the family. That will make Batman become more aggressive in his fight, many times pushing the limits.

Bane will split Batman’s spine and render him paralyzed in Knightfall. That will make Azrael, another Batman ally / foe, take over his identity. Ultimately, Batman will regain his place in a fight against an Azrael who had gone too far as the new Dark Knight.

Batman “dies” at the hands of Darkseid, one of the most powerful DC villains, in Final Crisis. Finally, and as often happens in the comics, Batman’s death is not such, he is only lost and amnesiac.

Some curiosities that, probably, you do not know

Batman and his son fighting together

In case you thought you knew everything about Batman, we are going to tell you some unknown facts, even for many fans.

To get started, Batman has a biological son. Is named Damian Wayne and it is the result of his relationship with Talia al Gul. Over time, will be one of the incarnations of Robin, the boy wonder.

In his tireless love life, Batman too has had more than words with Lois Lane, Superman’s eternal girlfriend. In reality, everything is complicated, which is what is often said in these things, but Batman instills fear in the hearts of his enemies and love in the rest.

Although he has a strict no-kill ethic, it wasn’t like that at the beginning of the comics from the 1940s, where he snapped necks and fired happily.

On the timeline Flashpoint, created by Barry Allen (Flash) to save his mother, Joe Chill kills Bruce Wayne. Heartbroken over the loss of his son, Thomas Wayne becomes Batman and his mother Martha loses her mind, becoming … Joker.

Batman loses parents in virtually all multiverses, except in that Flashpoint, where he dies.

As you can see, by wealth, longevity and mythology, the Batman character is deservedly the most famous hero and with the most engaging stories.

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