The Apple Store can force the update of your damaged AirPods Pro

I’ve been waiting for three days for my charger MagSafe it is updated to its latest firmware version released last week and there is no way. And since I can’t force the update, I can’t help but wait and pray for it to happen.

With the AirPods it happens exactly the same. You have to leave them near the iPhone and wait for the miracle to happen every time an update is released. Well now it turns out that from this week the authorized repairers and the Apple Store will be able to force said update of the AirPods Pro that arrive damaged. What a fabric.

According to an internal Apple document, starting this week, Apple’s authorized repair services and those within the Apple Store will have a tool to be able to “force” to upgrade to the latest version of the firmware to the AirPods Pro that arrive to be repaired.

The tool will allow technicians with access to the Apple Service Toolkit 2 to download the latest firmware in the AirPods Pro that they receive to be repaired. Thus, once updated, if the problem has not been solved, they can decide what to do with them.

The leaked document does not make it clear if this tool also works for other AirPods models, such as the recent AirPods 3. It only talks about the AirPods Pro. The truth is that it is a pity, and we do not know why, why Apple does not let a user You can “force” this update through your iPhone linked to your AirPods.

This same problem occurs with other company accessories, such as the MagSafe wireless charger or the Extreme battery also MagSafe. Precisely these two devices have been updated last week. The only thing you can do is check the firmware version installed. Leave your iPhone charging, with an internet connection, and wait for the accessory to automatically update, without being able to speed up the process.

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