The big news about Apple that nobody expected

The WWDC announcement took place last week, and the truth is that there are many rumors that have been flying over for a long time and drop what users will be able to see, or rather, what Apple will be able to present at this developer conference. Well, that’s what we need to talk to you about today, as it looks like there’s going to be a really good surprise on June 5th.

WWDC seems to be one of those Apple developer conferences that will go down in history, and it is that, as expected, the presentation of both a new operating system and a new product unpublished up to now will take place. Is about mixed reality glasses in which Apple has been working for so long, which, in addition, will also come with its own operating system.

hand and apple watch

The truth is that all eyes are on this, and no wonder, but we must not forget that in the end, WWDC is made to present everything new that users will be able to enjoy in the following versions of iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, macOS, and tvOS. Well, Mark Gurman has spoken about one of these operating systems, and of course, what he has said makes us all very happy.

watchOS 10 will arrive with notable changes

One of the operating systems that has suffered the least changes throughout its history has been and is watchOS, and in the end, there isn’t much to play with inside a smart watch either. Well, fortunately, and according to what he says mark gurmanwho is one of the most reputable Apple analysts, the Cupertino company could give a big change to watchOS and introduce really interesting news for all users.

The highlight will be the new user interface that will have really notable changes in it. It is something that users have been asking for for a long time, and it is that Apple, given the lack of news that is expected in the Apple Watch at the hardware level, seems to have made the decision that everything new comes through the software, and Of course, it is not a bad idea at all, since it is something that users have been asking for for a long time and, in addition, something that will come in handy for the Apple Watch, since it will give it a tremendous touch of fresh air.

applewatch s4

mark gurman He has not given more details about what this facelift will really be like that the Cupertino company is preparing for watchOS, so we will have to stay tuned for future information about this great news, although yes, software leaks are much more complicated to carry out, so we surely have that unknown live until the day of the Keynote, which, as we have commented, will be next June 5 in Cupertino, which seems to be really interesting, since in iOS 17 it also seems that really important changes will arrive for the iPhone.

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