Rename MacBook Air? A rumor indicates that by 2022

The new MacBook Air from 2022 could stop being called that for the next generation. This is what we have been hearing in various rumors for a long time and that now again a rumor indicates that it could be so definitively.

Of course leaving the Air name could mean a big change at Apple after it was presented by Steve Jobs himself in 2008 during a spectacular presentation. The passage of the years did not change the name of this team even when the MacBook Air was somewhat thicker than the 12-inch MacBook presented by Apple … Now and according to the latest rumors this could change.

The MacBook Air would be renamed the MacBook

The MacBook Air would be renamed “MacBook” without further ado. This possible decision has its logic and it is that right now it does not make sense to keep the name of MacBook Air taking into account the current MacBook Pro models. In any case, the filter Dylandkt was in charge this time to launch this rumor that we will end up confirming or not during the next year.

The current MacBook Air are the thinnest and lightest computers in the Apple catalog, so it may make sense that they end up removing the “Air” from their name. Nor is it something necessary or mandatory, but in this case at this point if this happens, it would not seem strange to us either. Be that as it may, the MacBook Air continues to mark a really good time in composing and the name change should also not affect buyers or specifications in any way who already have these Macs.

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